Back to the books

It’s that time of year again. Today was my first day back to class.

It was a pretty uneventful day. After all, I’m only taking three classes (it’s all I need to finish my undergrad), two of which are on campus while one is online. Somehow I still have to be on campus four days a week, for a 1.5 hour class each day. Boo! I guess on the bright side it means that I’m not stuck in class for hours each day and I still get Fridays off!

Anyway, class this morning. I forgot that everyone turns into a super keener on day one and arrived five minutes before class started to find about 5 empty seats. Yikes! For some reason we’re packed in a classroom that’s too small for the number of students. I hate hate hate that classroom too. It brings back bad memories of research methods and my prof who clearly hated his life for the 50 minutes 3 times per week that he had to lecture us about correlation and random sampling. Thankfully this prof seems more upbeat about the class, though it kind of sucked to not receive a hard-copy course outline. Apparently making the students print their own is a money saving tactic. Great.

After class I proceeded to work for a meeting and then proceeded to slack of for a little while before actually doing any work. Just a normal day in the lab!

Tomorrow I have my other on campus course. We have five students. Yeah. Seriously. I’m surprised they didn’t cancel it but it’s a core class for the research stream that I’m in so they’d better not. It’ll be a busy class and I’ll be hating APA by the end, but I think it’ll be fun too!

I’ve taken a peek at my online class. Thankfully that was before WebCT suddenly decided that our discussion board should be in Chinese. I guess I should be thankful I could log in at all because it was being pretty spastic about working earlier. Yeah, I really have no idea what’s going on with that thing sometimes. I’m almost going to miss it in a weird way. Hating WebCT, the school email, and Loris (the online course registration system) is all part of being a student at my school!

In other news… I ran my first outdoor 5K ever on Saturday night. And are my quads ever hating today. Ow, ow, ow. It probably didn’t help that I went for a walk on Sunday night and then decided to walk 25 minutes home from school today (I left campus at 3:45ish which means dealing with an excess of high school kids on the buses which I try to avoid whenever possible). Anyway, I tracked it on my Nike+ and it gave me a time of 32:15. Not the best, but also not bad considering my previous personal best was 31:53 on the treadmill and I know a lot of people say running on the treadmill is way easier. Oh, and the 32:15 time included some time spent waiting at traffic lights because I blanked out on pausing the Nike+. I kind of realized I could have done that after I’d gone for the run. Ooops! Oh well! I’ve mapped out a new course near my house that has a) no traffic lights and b) less hills (my Saturday run route pretty much started with a hill in the first kilometre and I really started feeling that later on).

But I’m proud of getting it done and I’m feeling super amped about the Run for the Cure! I’m up to $135 in donations so only $15 to go before hitting my goal! I found out the other day I get a custom run t-shirt. I’m running for the Lakehead University team, which, by the way, is not my school but a friend goes there so I managed to get in on it. I’m from the same town as one of their satellite campuses so I’m sure that counts for something, right?

So the plan for the 5K is to run outside 3-4 times per week depending on how much time I have. I want to do my 5K loop a couple more times to get used to it before really working on my time and distance. I think I would die of happiness if I could post a time under 30 minutes on the day of the 5K!

Anyway, I’m off to poke around on WebCT and see if I can do anything about my one course being in Chinese since I might like to get started on learning about Freud for the seventh time in my undergrad!


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