Note to self

Note to self: Even though you can eat a daily serving of cheese and eat yogurt a couple times a week despite being lactose intolerant to a certain degree AND having a milk allergy, doesn’t mean you should push your luck and eat a couple servings of frozen yogurt several days in a row in addition to the usual dairy consumption.No matter how tasty it is. It does NOT end well.

Sometimes I hate having to learn things to hard way!

Now I’m stuck at home feeling gross today even though I have a million errands to do: picking up a few groceries, returning my spring term distance ed movie (which sucked, btw, I should have not even bothered with it), picking up new distance ed materials (meaning more movies that will probably suck.. lol), paying my tuition, picking up my new Visa card AND getting a criminal record check for the lab/whatever placement I get this fall if it requires one. Ugh, I just realized how much school is already ruling my life and it hasn’t even started yet! Funny how it managed to do that!

Speaking of school, I logged on to the online registration system and noticed a heading for parking permit application status. I was very intrigued and looked at it. Turns out my application was not successful, but that’s okay because I didn’t submit an application (MLIA? haha). I live half a block too close to the school allegedly (I learned this in second year). But since I can’t park on campus, it gives me a good excuse to get some extra walking in. It’s about 25 minutes to the side of campus where all my classes are (thankfully). So I can either walk to or from, or walk both ways if I’m feeling really ambitious. I’ve done it before and in previous years, I typically walked home each day (because walking TO school requires getting up about 15 minutes earlier than if I’m taking the bus). So maybe it works out for the best!

Well, I’m off to relax today and hopefully get feeling better. I have a busy week coming up: errands tomorrow, job fair on Wednesday, my birthday on Thursday, my friend’s wedding rehearsal on Friday, the wedding on Saturday and then our new roommate is coming on Sunday (from Russia… cool eh?). I’m super excited for everything even though I know I’ll just want to sleep come Monday!


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