Organizing makes me happy

I’m not a naturally neat person, or a clean freak in any way. But I do love to be organized. It’s a weird combination. I’m obsessed with making to do lists and putting every little appointment or deadline on my calendar, and my school binders are always neatly labeled and organized but for some reason, I have a difficult time keeping my room clean! And my closet? I think my dad (who is a major cleaning nut) would have a fit if he saw it.

Over time, a mountain of clothes slowly grows in whatever empty floor spaces I  have. My dresser gets taken over by empty or almost empty bottles of different products (I have THE worst habit of starting to use a new bottle of product before the old one is entirely gone and I don’t want to throw it out because it still has some left). My bed is made… 10% of the time if I’m lucky and my nightstand has a million different things on it. My desk ends up swamped in papers, usually thanks to school. It’s awful.

Even though my room gets messy, I have a hard time motivating myself to clean it. So, it ends up getting pretty messy. I’ve decided to put my foot down though and keep my room tidy. I just feel so disorganized when it’s really messy and since I LIKE being organized, it really bothers me, even though I dislike cleaning my room.

So I cleaned it. Thoroughly. I vacuumed everywhere, even along the baseboards and window sill. It was a wonder my allergies haven’t been going nuts this year with all the dust I got rid of (I’m severely allergic… which also meant drugging myself up on Aerius partway through the clean). As I was cleaning, I started to think that since I was dragging everything out from the walls to vacuum behind, I might as well rearrange my room the way I’ve wanted to for months now (the mess always stopped me before since rearranging would mean serious cleaning). So, I dragged everything around in my room. Maybe not the best idea considering it was 31C outside before factoring in the humidity (I think the humidex was a disgusting 39C… yuck!) but I was on a roll and didn’t want to stop or my room would be stuck in a half-clean, half-rearranged state of transition for months.

It’s rearranged now and it seems bigger, which is nice! And it’s CLEAN! Seeing how nice it can look when it’s clean makes me really want to try to keep it tidy. I’m going to clean it weekly. For real. Because I love how it looks and I feel so organized, which makes me feel happy and far less conflicted! Yay!

I’ve also been organizing in other areas of my life – drawing up a budget for when I’ll (hopefully) be working full time starting in January to see if a car will be in the future (I have one, but it’s 9 years old and has been in the shop way too many times since it’s 7th birthday), looking into prices for a short trip to England or Scotland with the boyfriend next year and figuring out what the heck I want to take in grad school. I always get so excited doing this! It’s overwhelming yes, and sometimes I think about what if it doesn’t work out, but it really makes me look forward to the coming year! Car + trip + figuring out grad school would be sweet!

I’m off for some tea – I’ve been up since 7:15 and after getting 6.5 hours of sleep I’m fading fast now that it’s 12:30pm! I may post later this week on my maintenance progress and how I handled a small weight gain from my weekend home last week!


One Response to Organizing makes me happy

  1. Kristie says:

    Congrats on the room clean. I seriously LOVE cleaning my room. I usually keep it pretty tidy but it’s almost sad because it doesn’t get messy enough for me to be able to do a nice giant room clean often enough. I love just taking several hours a day and dusting, tidying, purging, organizing… the works! And boy is it ever a great feeling when it’s all freshly done.

    I know all about owning an old car… my clunker is 13 years. Gotta love it. Planning a trip sounds great too!

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