Facing my fears

For a long time, I’ve been afraid of heights. I wasn’t as a kid but somewhere during my early teens, I realized that even being up on a ladder made me extremely uncomfortable. When I did rock climbing at camp in grade 8, I only made it part way up the wall before I looked down and freaked out. I couldn’t climb up any further because I was afraid of the height. Even being on some balconies makes me nervous if they’re really high up and the railing isn’t overly sturdy looking. I think it’s partially a fear of falling too.

After this weekend, I don’t really think I’m afraid of heights anymore. I went to Treetop Trekking at Horseshoe on Saturday with my family and Josh. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically a bunch of ropes courses, swing bridges, other suspended obstacle type courses and zip lines. Most are at least several stories off the ground (the beginner course is not but the advanced courses sure are). Here are some pictures from the website. I sadly don’t have any pictures yet – my uncle is working on it as he was the photographer (we couldn’t exactly bring cameras up in the trees with us).

I did four courses – a beginner, two intermediates and one advanced. I was hooked from the very beginning and I wasn’t scared a single time. Obviously you’re wearing a harness (which is super awkward to walk in until you get used to it.. I was definitely waddling lol) and you’re clipped in by two carabiners (and a pulley as well on the zip lines) so you know you’re not going to fall, but I felt fearless the whole time. I’d be standing up on the platforms, waiting in between the obstacles, clipped in but not hanging onto anything like other people were. I actually sat down on one of the platforms with my legs over the edge while waiting for my turn at a busy section and just felt so at peace. I could have stayed up there all day.

And the zip lines are such a rush. It was amazing. It took me a minute to make myself let go on the first zip after orientation (you’re like 5 feet off the ground on that one… so no big deal) but once I did, I was in love 🙂 The advanced course had four zip lines in a row and then a long one at the end. I didn’t get a chance to do the Big Zip sadly – it’s a 900 foot line, the longest in Ontario – but I have every intention of doing it when I go back. And I definitely will go back!

I’m proud of myself for facing that fear, as it’s been a major one for a while. And I got to face it in such an unbelievably fun way. Treetop trekking is an awesome experience  and something I would recommend if it’s offered near you. Even if you think you’re afraid of heights, try it – you may surprise yourself 🙂


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