Sweet freedom!

On Saturday I wrote my exam for my summer course and an hour after I started, I was finished and free for the next month and a half (school has a late start this year, September 14th I think because of Labour Day being late and the first week of the school year being O-Week). Anyway, no more school until September for me!!

It’s already a weird feeling not having school stuff do to though. I always have a few days to a week of adjustment when I finish a school term. I think it’s because the end of the term is usually so crazy – final assignments and then the final exam – that it feels weird to go from being wrapped up in the course to not even looking at the course material for a second. I’m still getting used to the fact that I can waste a little time!

In other good news… I ran 4 miles yesterday! I set a goal back in June to run 4 miles by August 1st, so although I’m a day late, I’m still so pumped about being able to do it, especially considering the longest distance I’d run just a few days ago was 3.25 miles, so not even that close.

I actually feel like a runner now. I don’t know why I didn’t before, since I think as long as you do run, no matter how far or fast, you can call yourself a runner. But hitting that 4 mile mark kind of solidified that feeling of being a runner that I’d had for the past couple weeks. I don’t know if anyone else has had that experience of not feeling like a runner until hitting a certain milestone, but it’s weird how we just don’t give ourselves enough credit sometimes!

So I’m off to enjoy the last day of this gorgeous long weekend! Thankfully the weather finally turned around and it’s been all sun so far! And, from peeking out the window, I can see nothing but blue sky right now so hopefully that will hold up and I can enjoy some reading out on the deck now that I have time to do it.


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