Amazing wedding entrance

This video has been circulating the internet the past couple days. I think it’s so much fun!

I love how the wedding party is just having a blast! Even the guests look like they’re enjoying it even though it’s definitely not a conventional walk down the aisle.

I would absolutely love to do something non-traditional when I eventually get married. I’ve been to a couple weddings that were so super serious that it’s like people forgot that it’s a celebration of two people ready to spend the rest of their life together! I love ones where people just forget about the “rules” and have a good time. I definitely remember having a blast during the mass chicken dance at my cousin’s wedding a couple years ago!

A girl I work with is getting married next Friday and the girls planning her wedding were set on having her walk down the aisle to “Push It” by Salt n Pepa. She loved the idea of it (we’re all majorly into 90’s music at work and listen to it as much as possible), but unfortunately she’s getting married at city hall and I don’t think the logistics work. But at any rate, I love hearing/seeing people do less traditional things at their weddings that are so much fun!

Enough about weddings… I’ve got enough of those coming up (one on August 29th and one September 26th… yikes!)

In maintenance land, things have been trucking along. I’m doing my best to eat healthy while still allowing some splurges but I still have been falling into that trap of being super concerned with what I’m eating. I feel kind of bad having carb heavy days, even though I’m sticking to reasonable portions and still getting servings of fruits and veggies. I think these ideas that I can’t eat this or that food come from the fact that I spent nearly a year of my life in that mentality and I’m still adjusting to the idea that I can enjoy a wider range of foods in moderation. So I will admit, I’m sometimes still struggling to remind myself that I’m in maintenance. I can eat more and even while losing weight, I was able to go out for dinner, splurge a little and still lose. So it would make sense that I can do it in maintenance.

But… there’s a very fine line between allowing splurges and going right off the deep end and I think that’s where the worry comes from. I don’t want to let my guard down and start gaining, especially since my body seems to be in a good place right now – I’m easily maintaining my weight or very gradually losing a tiny bit more. At the same time though, I think I’ve been keeping a good balance between eating healthy, indulging occasionally and working out regularly and I need to remind myself of that. One carb heavy day isn’t going to be the end of me, nor is a day where I just don’t eat the amount of fruits and veggies I should. I will be fine, but I know it might take a little longer before I fully escape that weight loss mode.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend with much better weather than I’m having (rain and cool, but still muggy somehow).


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