Dear Body

I’m taking part in the Oh She Glows Summer Glow Boot Camp in July. I think it’s an awesome idea, combining fitness, healthy lifestyle and positive body image. Sounds like a great combo, eh?

Well, the first couple exercises were fitness related, which I had to put off until yesterday. Why? Well, let’s just say I started celebrating Canada Day one day early and paid the price for most of July 1st! While I was feeling fine later on, we were busy having our BBQ and then scoring a sweet spot by the lake to watch fireworks.

But, I’m going to do the exercise for July 2nd – this one dealing with body image. It’s called ‘Dear Body’, hence the title of this post, and is my opportunity to write to myself in any way I choose. So here it goes:

Dear Body,

You really have put up with a lot, haven’t you? Even though I haven’t always treated you the way I should, you never quit on me. Even when I gained a lot of weight through a combination¬† of unhealthy eating, depression and lack of physical activity, you kept going even though I bet the unhealthy lifestyle made it a challenge. You were there , ready to give 100% every time I wanted to lose weight and even though we didn’t always succeed, you didn’t stop.

When I was finally ready, both physically and mentally, to lose the weight, you were a champ. You showed me that I could lose the weight if I really committed myself to it. You rewarded those healthy changes over time and revealed yourself to be stronger than I ever thought possible. Even when I counted calories and slipped downwards a little, becoming too food focusing and being afraid of eating certain things, you still kept going for me. And then I changed my outlook with food and ever since, you’ve been excellent.

I never thought I could be a runner. But I underestimated myself both physically and mentally. I never should have doubted you, body. Even though I could barely run for a minute the first time I went running, I didn’t give up. Why should I? You’ve never given up and now it’s my job to get past those mental blocks, those thoughts in my head saying I can’t do it. I proved them wrong and now I can run nearly 3 miles straight without walking breaks! We are both strong and becoming stronger every day. I’m starting to get past those mental blocks that say I won’t be able to do it and you’re helping by allowing me to push further, to get past each little milestone on the way.

We really have come a long way, from being overweight, unhealthy and lacking confidence to being a healthy weight, strong and feeling good about appearances (well, 90% of the time).

I promise not to go back to that unhealthy lifestyle filled with junky foods that don’t help me become stronger. I promise to keep pushing on those runs, but also to be careful and know my physical limits. I haven’t found them yet since, like I said, I’m still pushing past those mental limits. But I promise to be careful and listen to you if you’re hurting. Overall, I promise not to let you down again.



What a neat exercise! If you were to write a letter or say something to your body, what would it be?

Today’s plan includes a break from working out and writing a massive paper like crazy! It’s due Monday at midnight and obviously I procrastinated because I only have about a page and a half (and it’s supposed to be 10-12). So I’m off to type away until I can’t type anymore!


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