Lunch Challenge

I’m a creative of habit. I always have been. And when I think back to what I eat, I can definitely see it with my breakfasts and lunches. I’m more willing to change it up with dinner but for some reason that hasn’t carried over into my other meals. I typically eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and a sandwich each day for lunch. I’m less willing to change my breakfasts, since oatmeal is quick and filling, but I think I can change my lunches. So I’ve decided to shake things up a bit with a one-month Lunch Challenge!

What exactly is the Lunch Challenge? Well, twice a week I’m going to spice things up with something different for lunch. Something that isn’t a sandwich.

I’ve already got some ideas:

  • Salad – I’m trying to be more experimental with salad toppings and I’ve already made progress by adding things in the first place! I used to eat salad pretty bland with lettuce/spinach and dressing only.
  • Soup – This is the perfect excuse to make more sweet potato soup.
  • Rice and veggies – Who says rice is only for dinners?
  • Bean burgers – I have two frozen right now that I could definitely use.

I tried a different lunch experimentally yesterday. I ended up eating roasted sweet potato chunks (tossed in a bit of olive oil and seasoned with oregano, salt and ginger because I realized it was NOT cumin about one second too late, but it tasted fine) and a spinach salad with a bit of cheddar and croutons, tossed in aged balsamic viniagrette. It was delicious and more filling than I anticipated.

So for the next month, I’ll mix it up. I’ll keep you posted on any ideas I come across as well as what I’m eating. Maybe I’ll even sneak a picture or two on here even though I’m not super into taking pics of my eats.


One Response to Lunch Challenge

  1. Kristie says:

    I think a lunch challenge is a great idea. Good luck with it! Last year I never imagined I would eat a SALAD for lunch but then I started to try it out and now I eat giant salads filled with whatever the heck I can throw into them practically on a daily basis and they’re basically my assumed lunch on any standard day. And I LOVE them. I mean, sandwiches are awesome but the lunch possibilities out there are endless!

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