Work, dresses and fail muffins

Okie doke, so after that mega job rant yesterday, I’m feeling much better!

I went to work and straight up asked how many hours I could work per week. The answer? 15-20. Hello, 20 hours per week, a.k.a 5 more than I thought I could work and a good chunk more money on each paycheck! So I made up a fancy budget – well, it was on a Post-It but I’ve never been good at making elaborate Excel spreadsheets of my expenses – and things will work. I laid out x dollars per week for groceries, rent for the rest of the summer and looked at how much I’d have left over. Um, whoa? A heck of a lot more than I thought I would!

So worries are gone! Well, the only worry is that my dad will be like “Go find a second job” even though, like I said, I’ve tried at 50 places (applied to FOUR jobs yesterday) with no luck. So hopefully he will understand but the ‘rents are pretty supportive about stuff so I’m sure that as long as I’m not bugging him for cash, it’ll be fine.

Having just this job will work out nicely for scheduling too. Basically, I make my own schedule. Cool, right? That will be super helpful in August since I have plans three of the five weekends. Wow. The first weekend (Civic weekend, woo) I have a final exam (boo… on a Saturday too, at 9 in the A.M.). The second weekend is a weekend with the whole extended fam jam that I’m so excited for. We are doing Treetop Trekking. Oh my! I am scared of heights but it looks so exciting that I’m just going to suck it up. Aaaand finally, the last weekend in August my friends are getting married in my hometown up north so a whole weekend is required for that extravaganza!

Speaking of the wedding, I’ve gotta do some dress shopping. Normally I love shopping for dresses even though I’m not usually a girly-girl. There is just something about trying them on that I love, and its doubly better now that I’ve slimmed down and don’t have to worry about being “too big” for certain styles. Anyway, I said normally right, implying that this time it’s not so lovable.

Here’s why: Shopping for a dress for a wedding means completely different styles than, say, formal or proml. So my usual store of choice is not helpful! I’m heading down to the other mall in the city to check it out since I did a little looking online and found a couple nice looking options down there. So let’s hope they pan out! They are also on SALE which is great times a thousand and since dresses to wear to a wedding are a little less out there than formal/prom dresses, I could probably wear it again just for the heck of it.

In other news, I had my first Tim Horton’s iced capp of the year. Sadly, it will have to be my last. Since switching off a lot of dairy, I’ve noticed I’ve become even more sensitive to it than I was while still consuming it. My tummy is not a happy camper right now. I tried to settle it with some tea and a sugar-free gluten-free muffin (I’ll get to that in a sec) but it’s still hating me.

So about those sugar-free gluten-free muffins, a.k.a fail muffins. My housemate decided to bake something for one coworker that is diabetic and another with a gluten allergy. Basically they don’t have much in them and just a bit of Splenda to sweeten. They turned out very very flat and more scone-like in texture rather than fluffy muffin goodness. Too bad! I think adding some fruit like mashed banana or even unsweetened applesauce or some blueberries would have spiced them up but of course there was no way of knowing that before. So we might make another attempt just to use up the brown rice flour, even if they’re no longer diabetic friendly. I think they would be awesome with banana and chocolate chips! Yum!

Anyway, it’s off to bed for me so I can go to work and then have a dress shopping adventure tomorrow!


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