Wanted: a second job!

Job hunting has never been something I’ve enjoyed very much. Job hunting when there are few jobs and insane competition for those few jobs (some of which are not even that amazing – low pay and crappy duties) is the worst.

I have a folder on my computer filled with resumes – 46 to be precise. So I’ve applied to 46 jobs and haven’t been called back a single time. Ack!

I always think, maybe it’s my resume! Maybe it’s awful or there are grammar/spelling errors. But I’ve used the same resume (updated obviously) successfully for several jobs in the past. It’s gotten me many interviews and job offers. And my new resumes are error free according to my two housemates that have reviewed them. So maybe it isn’t my resume or my job skills, since I’m definitely not lacking there. I’ve done it all – Tim Horton’s (worst job ever), grocery store cashier, assistant pastry chef (best job ever), research assistant (probably 2nd best, or tied for best), camp leader, rental clerk at a ski resort, theatre usher & backstage crew. Obviously those aren’t all on my resume as I started working when I was 15 and I’m now almost 23, but I’m definitely not lacking in related experience to a lot of job I’m applying for.

It’s just really frustrating, as I normally wouldn’t have this much difficulty getting a job. Heck, I have 90% of a university degree in addition to my work experience. But, I keep trying to remind myself that it’s not necessarily me. It’s tough for everyone. I know grads from the computer science field (aka a huge field right now) who can’t find work! One works two days a week at his old summer job for a shipping company. One of my other recent grad friends had to settle for working at Staples because there wasn’t anything else out there. A fellow psych grad gets one or two shifts a week at the restaurant she works at and she can’t find anything else. Another is stuck selling shoes for the summer (she’s also a recent graduate). Basically, no one seems to be able to use their degree OR find full-time work.

I guess I should be thankful I have a job at all, but I feel like I never work (so I’m bored a lot) and my parents seem to expect that I can get a job if I just try hard enough. Well, 46 resumes is definitely trying. There is only one type of work I’m not up for and that’s fast food stuff. I’ll survive on my 10-15 hours a week of research work before I do that. One summer of working at Timmy’s was enough for me – getting up at 6am after 6 hours of sleep (from working til 11pm the night before) and then getting yelled at by cranky, uptight people on the way to the cottage deserves more than minimum wage pay.

So, I realize this was quite the rant about jobs but it’s been really bugging me lately as the summer goes on and I have only part-time work. I’m just trying to budget out my current job and if it will work out to pay for rent, groceries and have even just a little left over each month, I’ll just stick it out and not be too bothered by not having something else. But it’s hard when I know a lot of us students are used to that “I must work 35-50 hours per week in the summer or else” mindset that it’s hard to accept working only 15, even if it still adequately pays the bills.

Anyone else hating the job hunt this summer? Do you have a job right now (and do you like it) or are you like me, stuck working part-time or maybe not at all?


2 Responses to Wanted: a second job!

  1. Aww, *hugs*. Job hunting sucks. I know this is easy for me to say, but if you keep at it something will definitely come up. And some work is definitely better than no work. Is there a possibility of getting extra hours at your current job?


    • Valerie says:

      Hey, thanks for the encouragement 🙂 I asked about hours today and they said 15-20 per week, so if I can work 20 it won’t be that bad since the pay is much better than minimum wage. So at least things are looking up a bit!

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