Am I ready…

…to ditch the scale?

One of my goals once I hit maintenance was to eventually leave the scale behind and only weigh-in once a month, if that. My goal was to maintain for 8 weeks using the scale to weigh-in and then ditch it once I got used to how much I could eat and how much activity I needed to maintain my weight. I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on that, but I’m still anxious about my plan.

I think it’s because I don’t fully trust myself. I mean, I’ve been good about maintaining and if I’ve seen a gain that I know is because I’ve ate too much or not exercised enough, I’m right on top of it. Usually I know before I step on the scale whether I’m going to have gained any significant amount based on the week I had. But the thing is, I almost never used to weigh myself. Not when I was thinner, not while I was gaining weight and not while I was at my heaviest.

I think my fears stem from the fact that when I didn’t weigh myself in the past, I let 30-40 pounds creep up on me.

I want to think I’d know better this time – that I’d realize something needed to change if I had to buy pants in a larger size like I did in the past. But I’m still kind of scared to put that kind of trust in myself.

I don’t want to be ruled by the scale for the rest of my life and I feel like if I don’t ditch it, I’ll be weighing in weekly forever. I need to be able to get to that place where I feel comfortable with what I’m eating and don’t have to weigh-in to check up on things each week. I need to be able to trust that my eating and exercise habits have changed and will continue to stay that way.

This is week 8 of maintenance for me, meaning that after Friday’s weigh-in, I should be trying to ditch the scale. After Friday, I shoudn’t be weighing again until July 26th! The thought kind of overwhelms me!

Any ideas to make it easier? If you’ve ditched the scale, how did you get away from feeling the need to weigh in so often?


One Response to Am I ready…

  1. smallchangesaddup says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. After checking yours out I can relate to everything you say here. We seem so similar! I’ve only just started my maintaining ‘journey’ so am still planning on weighing myself to see how much I need to eat to maintain. Not weighing myself seems scary, but I’m hoping it’s something that will come with practice. Maybe give it a few weeks and cut down gradually if going a whole month stresses you out. You’ve done so well to maintain for eight weeks, I think you need to try to trust yourself to not overeat.

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