This is called procrastination

So I may or may not have a paper due tomorrow and I may or may not be blogging instead of finishing it.

Even when I only have one course, I still procrastinate! When will I ever learn? 😉

I actually wrote 99% of the paper over the past two nights while at work. There’s nothing like writing a paper at 3am while trying not to fall asleep. But hey, I basically get paid to do homework and play games on my cell phone (I’m shamefully addicted to one of them right now). Technically my job is watching over the kiddies staying in the residences at the university but they’re usually out like a light by 12:30 or so, leaving me to occupy myself until 6am. It means I get a lot of school work done, since, even if my laptop didn’t completely suck, I wouldn’t have able to use the internet since I don’t think there is wireless. At least not active during the summer.

Anyway, this residence I’m in? I want to ask my dad if someone… like… died there. Or something. He lived there in first year when it was new so he might know. But seriously, there were some creepy noises going on last night. It could have just been my imagination but I nearly had a mini-panic attack a couple times until I told myself that it’s only the ventilation system making noises that sound like people talking and walking around in the halls. The halls that I could see were empty.

6am couldn’t come fast enough at some points. But I survived to procrastinate another day.

I can’t wait until this class is done. August 1st! Then I get a nice month and a half break until my easy semester of 3 classes, which I registered for the other night. This is how I feel about our online registration system:@#!%^@!

Seriously, it’s that bad. And it used to be worse. At least now they break it down by year and faculty. It used to be a mad rush of every single person in a certain year swarming the system at midnight. Second year was the worst EVER. Everyone on my floor in residence was freaking out because they couldn’t even log in at some points. But I managed to get into all the classes I wanted – yay for being in fourth year and getting first dibs. So I got my research class, one with a placement (it’s a requirement… and yes, I’m a horrible procrastinator for taking it in my last sememster of undergrad) and a distance ed bird course. Pyschology and Religion. It appears that my experience with a certain Dr. Freud will have to continue for one more class before I can say goodbye to him forever. I’ve learned about him in at least 6 classes so far. I know he was a big deal but I feel like I could recite his stuff in my sleep at this point.

In non-school related business:

I’m taking a trip home this weekend! My friend is back from China and he has a present for me! We’re probably going to end up going out for food/drinks a gazillion times on the weekend so my plan is to eat a little healthier. So far that’s only partially happened, but night shift totally throws off my eating (and I found out I was working the one evening at about 1pm that same day… so I couldn’t really prepare). I’m getting back into the exercise groove though. Did a 2.75 mile run the other day, my longest yet. Although I couldn’t quite make it to 3 (ran out of steam) I still felt pretty darn accomplished!

Well, that paper is calling my name, as is a resume or two I should write!


One Response to This is called procrastination

  1. Kristie says:

    Creepy night noises… oh my gosh I HATE that. I used to freak out a lot when I’d hear weird noises at night, especially in unfamiliar locations… spooky!

    I have to do the course thing tonight… NOT looking forward to it. I just want to get it over with!

    Have fun visiting home! It sounds like you’ve got a great weekend ahead of you 🙂

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