The past week

I’ve definitely been MIA from blogging for a bit. Since I started working more hours last week, I’ve been pretty busy! Here’s a quick recap of the past week:


Josh & I had a date night. It started with me making dinner for him (pumpkin gnocchi – I’ll have to post a recipe later) and then we ended up renting a movie and buying some frozen yogurt (chocolate… yum!). It was really nice to have a night in and spend some time together after both of us being busy during the week.

Monday & Tuesday

Both of these days were work days. I was out of the house early both days to rive to a nearby town. I spent the day doing the usual work stuff – observations and interviews. I also have a confession – I have a mad crush on the one teacher at the school we go to. I feel like I’m back in elementary school!!

On Monday, my roommates and I went for dinner to Kelseys. Going out to eat still stresses me a little – probably leftover from when I was losing weight. But I looked at my options ahead of time and planned out what I was going to get. I decided to get a chicken sandwich and swapped the fries for a salad with fat-free raspberry vinaigrette. So I didn’t do too badly at all!


I worked my first ever night shift starting at 11pm! I was working in a residence building at my school keeping an eye on the kids staying there for the university’s camp. It’s super easy – in fact, I basically played crazy eights and chatted with my work partner all night. It turns out it’s a small world – he went to high school with my one roommate! Anyway, I was up until 6am which brings us to….


I went home after work and slept until 8am. I then got up to go teach a camp class at the university from 9-11am. Yes, I’m clearly insane! One of the ambassadors that stays with the school group saw me the night before and then again when he walked into the classroom. He could not believe it! I assured him I was fine – I slept during the day Wednesday and then napped when I finished night shift. Those ambassadors are the crazy ones – they’re routinely up until after midnight in the residences when they have to be back there for 8am the next morning! I can’t imagine that for two months!


I worked night shift again, 11pm-6am. Then I came home and napped until 9ish. At that point I was off to the university to participate in a research study. I had my brainwaves recorded.. super cool! Well, except for the gel they use to amplify the waves. It was gross times – I went right home and showered to wash it out of my hair. On the plus side, I got fed some cookies and paid money! Yay!


My sleep schedule is back to normal and I have big plans for resumes today! How exciting! I also have to finish a quiz for my summer class… yuck. And maybe I’ll finally get back on the treadmill for a run.

Maintenance has been going pretty well. I’m down to 134.0 since I lost 1.0 this week and 1.5 last week. I think it’s all the running around for work and the fact that I have less time to snack since I’m out and about.

I’m off to make some lunch and then get down to business with those job apps!


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