It’s official…

…I’m finished 4th year! Yay! Well, to be exact, 4th year: round 1. I still have 4th year: round 1.5 to do in the fall but the major thing is that my thesis is DONE! I can’t even begin to explain how much of a relief that is! After working on this thing for about nine months, I’m finally glad to have it handed in. Now I don’t have to look at it ever again! Well, maybe I’ll sneak a peak at some point. But for now – not a chance!

So having said that, my absence in blogging was not due to my thesis (I actually finished it earlier but it took my mark a while to get posted) but going home for the Victoria Day weekend! So I trekked up north on Saturday night to avoid the insanity that is Highway 400 on a long weekend. The weekend was pretty uneventful. I tried to stick to eating healthy but I had the best dessert ever created at a favourite hangout – a cookie skillet! It’s basically a gigantic cookie served warm out of the oven with ice cream and chocolate sauce. I split it with Josh but I’m pretty sure the entire thing went straight to my hips! I also slacked off on exercise – oops. Thankfully I have a couple days to get back on track before I weigh-in to see how I did this week.

I’ve been eating healthy since getting home. Actually, yesterday I made a dinner that would probably make my mom pass out from the shock that I would eat such a thing. I made bean burgers! There was a recipe in a magazine thinger from Sobeys (that I will post tomorrow) and I decided I’d try it. So I did. And the verdict? Not too bad. They don’t taste like a “real” burger but the taste was good and the texture was alright too. I just had to keep in mind that I wasn’t eating a beef burger so of course it’s not going to taste exactly like one. But I think I’ve found a great high fibre alternative to beef burgers! I’ll have to sneak a picture in here at some point. Unfortunately I suck at unpacking so my camera is still hiding in my suitcase and I’m too lazy to find it right now! Honestly, it takes me several days to fully unpack because that’s how much I dislike it! But next time I’ll snap a picture of a burger.

So, anyway, this was my first venture into experimental (and healthy alternatives) cooking this summer! It’ll probably be the first of many since I now have the time to play around in the kitchen. I’m planning on making some Thai lime chicken from a recipe I found in the same Sobeys magazine but I need to pick up a few ingredients first. It sounds awesome though so I’m excited to try it!

In other news, my car had a random issue. I was pulling out of a parking lot after going over a couple mean speedbumps. As I was accelerating, I heard a car with a super noisy muffler, what my friends and I (and probably others) called “ricers” – you know, those mid-range cars that usually have specialty rims and custom paint jobs to go along with a muffler that would set off car alarms. So, naturally I start looking around for this car. It was then I realized the car was mine! Ohhh boy! It sounded pretty sick!

Josh checked it out when we got home and apparently there was a disconnection so my muffler wasn’t doing a whole heck of a lot – hence the roaring noise every time I hit the gas. Thankfully I went to the mechanic first thing this morning and got my car all fixed up. I hope it’s happy now – it’s been pretty darn demanding with repairs over the past couple years, but I guess that’s to be expected considering it’s 9 years old!

After this busy day, I’m off to bed! I have another busy day ahead of me so I’ll need the sleep.


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