Hello long weekend!

The long weekend is officially here! Later today, I’m heading up north to visit home for a few days. It will be a bit weird this time though. One of my best friends is in China! He left on Wednesday and is gone for a month!! I have to admit that I already miss him even though we live in different towns and don’t normally see each other that often. It’s probably because I know I can’t see him or phone him or talk on MSN. I can’t even text him because he found out that texting charges there were 50 cents per message (sent or received).Yikes! So obviously he’s not planning to use his phone while he’s there. It will definitely be weird to have a visit home without seeing him once.

I don’t have too much planned for at home. Probably a coffee date with some friends. Having dinner with my parents on Sunday night. Maybe a shopping trip to Barrie. I’ve realized that I still don’t have too many things that fit – especially bottoms. I only have a pair of jeans, a skirt and a pair of shorts that are size 8. Everything else I’ve been wearing are size 10’s and they are baggy in some areas.

I feel like I’ve been a shopping maniac in the past five or so months. I’ve probably spent more on clothing during that time than I typically do in a whole year but obviously it’s for good reason! Usually my dad grumbles about giving me $30 to buy a couple shirts but now he’s telling me to go out and get new things and not to worry. It’s nice to have the support of him and my mom! But as I said, I feel like I shop so much now.

Another weird thing is that I’m becoming a little more interested in the more feminine clothing styles. I’m usually a jeans, T-shirt and flip flops girl. But I bought a pair of dressy-ish flats from Spring the other day. Afterward I was thinking “Wait, what the hell did I just buy? Really?”. For one thing, if I walk into Spring (or Aldo, etc) it’s usually to buy a pair of shoes for a dressy event and I’m not super into it. But I actually wanted to buy a pair of flats. I also bought a couple shirts the other week that were totally out of my usual style file. I don’t know, I think maybe it’s because shopping used to be a chore. I’d always be afraid of shopping at new stores in case the biggest size didn’t fit – that’s always a huge downer. And I definitely couldn’t pull off a lot of the really nice trends. I was pretty much stuck in jeans and T shirts by more than just my own choice! But now shopping is enjoyable. I can go into any store and fit into their clothing and I no longer wear the biggest size!

So maybe that’s where my change of heart about shopping has come from. The only problem is whether my bank account will be completely happy about it!

I’m off to finish packing – I’m such a procrastinator and it honestly takes me all day to pack. I’ll throw a couple shirts in my suitcase and then get distracted be something, like the computer, making some tea, having a snack. So here we are three hours later and I’m still not done! Time to make it happen!


One Response to Hello long weekend!

  1. Kristie says:

    I had the EXACT same experience with shopping and more specifically clothes purchasing. I used to basically hate it, most especially when buying pants. I would wear more plain clothing, tshirts etc, nothing overly stylish, nothing overly trendy. Now I love shopping and love buying clothes.My style and shopping habits have completely changed from a few years ago. And yeah, my wallet kind of hates it. Good thing I’m a little frugal and love buying things on SALE though, that definitely helps 🙂

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