Rediscovering chai tea

As I was making tea this morning, I realized I was almost out of earl grey. I went digging through the cupboard to see if I had any other tea and I discovered some chai tea! I absolutely love chai, so I jumped at the chance and now have a wonderful cinnamon-y mug of tea in front of me. Adding a bit of vanilla soy milk makes it so yummy!

I finally have some exciting news on the job front. For the past several months, I’ve been sending out resumes only to hear nothing back. Thankfully I have a part-time job (but it’s really, really part-time) at the kids camp my university runs, but I really need something else since working a couple hours a week doesn’t even pay for groceries. So knowing this job would be really part-time, I had to think of other options. Back in late March/early April, I emailed a prof about working in her lab this summer, even for only 5 hours per week. Unfortunately she said she didn’t have anything available at the time. But now – well, enter the email I received last night. One of her grad students is interested in hiring me for 10-15 hours per week, possibly more!! I’m meeting with her this week so I hope everything works out! And to think I was hesitant to email the prof in the first place, figuring she wouldn’t likely have anything. Well, it clearly paid off!

I don’t know if anyone else is as into Hell’s Kitchen as I am, but I got a chance to watch Thursday’s episode last night. I’m still so conflicted about who to cheer for. Paula is clearly an amazing chef and I’ve always liked her, but Danny makes me laugh – I love his plaid jackets and camo hats. Totally reminds me of home – yeah, there’s a little redneck going on! He’s also an amazing chef too and is really passionate about his work. In the past I’ve always had a solid favourite, but this year, I don’t think I’ll mind either of them winning. I think it’s going to be a close one too!

Finally, a video to share. This is a piano/cello arrangement of Taylor Swift’s Love Story and Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. Sounds strange, I know, but trust me, it’s awesome even if you a) don’t like either song or b) haven’t heard one of them. The piano player totally rocks!

I can’t wait until they release an mp3 of this! For now I’m adding to the views on YouTube by playing it several times a day. And I can’t believe how many views there are. When I first watched it yesterday – just under 500,000. As of right now, 622,000! This guy is an overnight YouTube celebrity.

Have a great Sunday 🙂


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