I survived the 401

So, I’ve always had a lot of anxiety about driving on the 401 highway, particularly anywhere near Toronto. I’ve driven on the 401 a total of two times – once to go to Cambridge (aka literally 5 seconds on the hwy) and once to go to Burlington (so that trip wasn’t a whole lot longer). But on Thursday, I was off to Brampton! Ack! But I managed to survive the 401, and thankfully where we (Josh & I) were heading in Brampton is just barely within the GTA limits – so we were off the highway before you start getting way down into Mississauga and craziness.

Why Brampton? Well, my aunt worked for the school board for over 30 years and she retired in December. Since my grandparents winter in Florida, she waited until May to have a party for it. It was a pretty big thing – she’s worked as a superintendent for quite a while – so the whole family came, with a couple exceptions.

I’ll be honest – it wasn’t the most exciting event. There were tons of people there I didn’t know. I later found out that most of them basically run the school board or teach there. A few were relatives I’ve never met. One cute thing though – my aunt’s first teaching job was a grade 2 class and one of her students from that class came to the party! How awesome is that?

The real fun was after the party when the family and some close friends of my aunt headed to a restaurant called Jake’s Boathouse. Apparently it’s been around for quite a while. I felt bad for the poor waitress taking care of about 25 of us! But it was a good time. I had an awesome burger. They make their own patties there and they’re huge – I actually couldn’t finish my burger!

Anyway, I hadn’t seen most of my family since Thanksgiving so it was nice to see everyone. But I got really overwhelmed with compliments! I wasn’t completely sure how to react because I really haven’t had many from people I know. So suddenly in one night I’ve got half the family commenting on my weight loss so I did a lot of smiling and nodding and saying “thanks”. I think it was mainly weird because I still think of myself as bigger than I really am. I sometimes look at my jeans and think “how do these possibly fit around my waist?” because I feel bigger. My mind is still playing catch-up, I guess. At least I do have moments where I come to the realizations that I am thin and I pretty much always feel more self-confident, even on days when I don’t think I look that different. I guess part of my brains knows!

I’m off to have breakfast now – probably some oatmeal made with vanilla soy milk. Yum!


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