It’s official – I met my goal when I weighed myself this morning! I’m at 135.5!

I can barely believe that I actually did it! When I initially set my goal at 140, I didn’t think I’d make that, let alone lose an additional 5 pounds! I have lost 37.5 pounds. I went from wearing a size 14/16 to wearing a size 8! Holy exclamations marks, I know, but I’m excited!

I’m back to where I was in high school, when I considered myself a perfectly acceptable, average weight. While I’m still struggling with feeling heavier than I currently am, I know I’m on the road to a healthier body image. It’s all a matter of when my mind will catch up to the reality.  I already do feel better though. I don’t hide in sweaters and baggy shirts. I bought a short skirt last week. I don’t feel ashamed of the cashier at clothing stores seeing what size I wear.

I know I’ve come really far with fitness too. A year ago, I could barely make it through 15 minutes on the elliptical. Now, my longest workout to date was 50 minutes and there was definitely no slacking in that! When I started running, I was out of breath after a minute or two. Now I’m breezing through 15 minutes straight on the treadmill and completing 40-45 minute workouts. I’m planning on running a 5K in the fall. I have muscle definition on my arms. I did level one of the 30 Day Shred a couple times recently and didn’t die, unlike when I first tried it.

I think I have a lot to be proud of so today I’m taking the time to acknowledge how far I’ve come!


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