Goodbye April, Hello May

Where did April go? Honestly, I can barely believe that it’s already May! I also can’t believe I haven’t updated for several days. Oops! I got really busy with having house guests. The past few days went like this:


My dad was here for a visit and to do some yard work. He also brought the treadmill with him! I was so excited I did a workout that afternoon. Treadmill running is so much easier than running outside! While I figured I’d probably be able to run longer and further on the treadmill, I was shocked when I breezed through 5 minutes of running at once before deciding to take a walking break. I didn’t want to push myself too hard!


House guest arrival day! We all piled in the car and headed over to Guelph for dinner at Casey’s to celebrate a mutual friend’s birthday. I had chicken pad thai – I looked up the nutritional stats beforehand and other than the wild sodium levels, it was pretty healthy. It was also delicious! While at Casey’s we watched Canada beat the Czech Republic in an IIHF game. Gotta love it! Dany Heatley’s frequent appearances in the penalty box quickly became a running joke – honestly, every time we looked at the TV he was in there!


We went out for breakfast at a place near the university that’s pretty much a classic when friends visit. We also had one more guest arrive (he was working the day before so he couldn’t make it earlier). We spent the afternoon watching Office Space – that movie never gets old!


Overall, a pretty uneventful day but I didn’t manage to pop onto the blog to update. We had a BBQ for dinner and I tried out the burgers I got – PC Blue Menu Portion Wise. They’re 3.5 oz each (compared to 4.5 oz for the Blue Menu Angus burgers everyone else had) with only 140 cal and 7g of fat. Not bad to indulge in my occasional burger cravings!


The guests left pretty early this morning even though we were up late on Saturday. It was awesome to see everyone – we’re all friends from high school so now that some of us are in different towns, we see each other less often. We all have our own schedules so it doesn’t always match up but thankfully it did this time! I don’t like the thought of losing touch with my high school friends but we’re a close-knit bunch so I don’t think we will.

What else did I do today? Not a whole lot really! I was feeling a lazy day after the busy week/weekend so I went back to bed after the guys left and slept in. I also got another treadmill workout in. My tummy was a little upset (TOM.. grr) but I managed to get in 13 minutes straight of running before deciding to walk the rest of my 35 minute workout. I’m amazing myself each time I get on the treadmill. I thought it would take weeks to work up to 10 minutes straight, let alone more, but I just get in a rhythm and I’m not losing my breath as easily. Soon I’ll be running 30 minutes in a row! I can’t wait!

It’s pretty late and despite sleeping in, I’m so sleep deprived from having guests over so I think it’s about time I went to bed!


One Response to Goodbye April, Hello May

  1. Kristie says:

    Sounds like a pretty event packed and fun weekend!

    Congrats on getting the treadmill and keeping up a good run time! Pushing yourself and getting further than you thought you could is SO rewarding. I’ve been running on the treadmill quite a while and I still cheer and do a happy dance when I go for an especially long run or beat some time that I didn’t think I could do. Do you listen to music or watch tv or anything while on it? I find that really helps to make the time go by without even realizing it. It also helps to cover up the treadmill counter haha.

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