Ducks in the garage

Ok, confusing title, right? Well, I was there for this and I’m still confused! Here’s what happened:

Josh was cleaning the garage and I guess he turned his back for a couple minutes to straighten up some things. When he turned back around, there were a pair of ducks just hanging out in the garage like it was completely normal!

img_4149Oh, hello ducks! (Excuse the mess – it was a work in progress at the time!)

They eventually wandered out of the garage and over to the neighbour’s lawn where they usually hang out.

img_4150There they are right back where they should be. And check out that green lawn! We had a vicious thunderstorm the night before with lots of rain so everyone’s grass is radioactively green and growing like crazy!

What else happened yesterday? Well, summer clothes shopping! I headed to my usual store of choice, Old Navy and picked out a gazillion (or six) pairs of shorts before deciding that as cute as the light purple pair were, I’d really only be able to wear them with white or black shirts. I also ditched a pair of brown shorts for the same reason. I also picked out two skirts. One was a size 6 because I really liked the style and figured “why not try?” So, in the dressing room, I ended up liking a pair of black bermuda shorts and a dark denim mini. The size 6 skirt was hit and miss – it fit perfectly around the waist but my hips are too wide for that size. That’s definitely a problem I’ve experienced before! Even with my one pair of size 8 jeans, they are a perfect fit in the hips but there is a bit of room in the waist. All the ladies in my family are more “bottom heavy” with wider hips and thighs but smaller on top – I’m pretty much no exception when I’m slimmer – so I’ve got my genes to thank for that, but I’m totally fine with it!

So, here are the items I bought:


And finally, I had a smoothie last night. It was pink!


Yum! It had a couple strawberries, frozen raspberries, some raspberry yogurt, a bit of vanilla soy milk and a couple ice cubes.

While shopping yesterday I discovered PC Blue Menu vanilla soy milk. PC Blue Menu is pretty much my favourite line of food products – it’s healthy and tastes great. So, while the So Good vanilla was packing nearly 200 cals per cup, the PC stuff has 120 – slightly less than the So Good plain stuff. And it was 10 cents a carton cheaper, even with So Good on sale for about 40 cents off. Yay!

Today isn’t going to be too exciting: a couple errands then training for my job in the evening. After that, probably some house cleaning since my dad is visiting tomorrow and we have guests coming on Thursday. This week is going to be crazy busy!


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