Weigh-in and social comparisons

Happy Monday! I hope that’s not an oxymoron… but it’s a lovely day here so happy it is!

I weighed in this morning and ….. 135.8! Down 1.7 pounds from last week! As my goal is 135 I’m pretty much there, but as I did set my deadline for the first Monday in May, I’m giving myself that extra week to get closer to 135.0. It may be a challenge as we are having house guests from Thursday until Monday, but I think I can manage it.

I can’t believe I’m almost at goal. I’ve been trying to get here for so long that it almost felt surreal to look down at the scale and see those numbers. I haven’t weighed 135 since high school! Since I’m turning 23 this year, it’s been almost 5 years! It’s a great feeling and I’m not letting anything else take away from it.

Not even those dreaded social comparisons. When I read Angela’s morning post on social comparisons relating to running, I realized “that’s me, but with weight loss”.

I’m a member of a blogging community where each member gets their own page complete with blogging, photos, about me, comments, etc. Popular weigh-in days appear to be Monday, Thursday and Saturday so updates pop up regularly through the day each of those days. Some members are posting losses, others gains and others no change. I find it very difficult not to compare my weigh-ins to anyone else’s.

I’ll read a post saying something like “I lost 2.5 pounds this week even though I ate fast food three times and didn’t work out at all” or “I only lost 1.5 this week, I’m disappointed”. These are just examples, not what people have actually posted, but there are similar themes. I read ones like the first and think “What the heck am I doing wrong?” when the truth is, I’m not doing anything wrong. Maybe I have to stick to eating healthy and working out 5-6 days a week to lose 1 pound while others can be more lax – my body is not the same as other people’s. We are all different both outwardly and inwardly. Just because one person can lounge around eating junk food and still lose weight, it does not mean that I can do that or that I’m not trying hard enough if I don’t lose more than them while sticking to my plan.

It should not take away from what I’ve done. I shouldn’t feel upset when reading someone’s disappointment over losing “only” 1.5 pounds if I lost 1.2. That doesn’t mean my loss is a disappointment and I’m sure the same person would congratulate me on an excellent loss because that 1.5 is based on their own standards or goals and they aren’t applying it to everyone. I shouldn’t feel upset or lazy when someone loses double what I did by eating at Mickey D’s three times that week and only working out once. Why not?

Because everyone is different.

I need to remember that next time I read one of those posts and immediately feel defeated or jealous. It’s not a competition or a race. It’s about getting healthy and feeling better about who I am.

And today I’m celebrating my “almost goal” by going shopping for some much needed summer clothes. The weather is warming up (up to 27C today) and I can’t wait to feel comfortable wearing summer clothes again. It’s been way too long!


One Response to Weigh-in and social comparisons

  1. Kristie says:

    Congrats on the weight loss!

    When I was in my beginning stages of weight loss mode I used to get angry and outright jealous hearing about other people’s weight loss. I used to get scared when I heard people talking about anything to do with losing weight because I didn’t want them to do it better, faster or more effortless than me (I was a few years younger then mind you…). It was like this big competition of me against the world. Terrible mentality. And I definitely wasn’t able to lose weight fast. I never understood how people were able to still eat crap and lose weight or lose significant pounds each week. Frankly I still don’t. I was never able to do that. I always felt like everyone had it so much easier and had so much less trouble losing weight. Clearly that’s not the case but it’s so true that everyone is so different and comparing is completely nonsensical since everyone’s body functions completely differently and you can only go by your own individual standards.
    You seem to be doing everything pretty darn right so I’d say that alone is cause for celebration regardless of numbers.

    I hope you got some great new summer clothes! šŸ™‚

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