Sweet potato fries & shrimp skewers

I went out for dinner last night with the roommates. We went to Boston Pizza, which seems like an odd choice considering I’m watching what I eat. But, surprisingly, they have a healthy choices section of their menu and I researched the best options online before we went out. Going out for dinner is still possible when you’re losing weight as long as you do your homework! So many restaurants have nutritional info for their menu online now.

I decided on getting sweet potato fries as an appetizer (270 cal) and shrimp skewers with a garden salad for an entree (180 cal). I skipped out on dessert and just had water to drink. The sweet potato fries were amazing! I can’t wait to try making my own, oven baked version at some point. I love fries but not the calories they bring. So sweet potato fries are perfect since they are way more nutrient-packed than regular potatoes meaning they actually fill me up. By the time my entree arrived, I already felt nearly full, so thankfully it was fairly light. The skewers weren’t anything to write home about but they weren’t bad. I’d maybe order them again since I do love shrimp!

When I got home, I made a smoothie with strawberries, raspberries and yogurt for a healthy dessert. After everything settled, the boyfriend and I went out for a 45 minute walk so overall it was a nice evening.

Yesterday’s positive thing: I stuck to my decisions about what to order when I got to the restaurant, even though other things on the menu sounded good. I also skipped dessert and made something healthier when I got home so I didn’t have to feel deprived.

Today I’ve been a busy bee – yardwork in the morning (about 45 minutes) and then writing my thesis like a champ. My supervisor is heading off on vacation (lucky woman!) on Sunday, so I’m supposed to send as much as I have written on Saturday morning for revisions. She won’t get back until May 13 – just over a week before my grade has to be in – so the schedule is a little tight! But I think I’ll make it, since I have all the sections but the discussion finished, and the discussion is at least half done. So at the most I might need to make major revisions to the discussion when she returns, but unlike some supervisors, mine changes things once and sticks to it. I know some will change certain parts and leave others intact and then at the next draft, change the parts they left alone before. Indecisive much? I just can’t wait to be done with this semester!

My other grades are in – I got an A- in my social psych seminar and an A+ in geography! Yay! My geo prof is a machine – no lie. Our exam was at 6:30pm on Friday April 17 and when I logged in to check my marks on Tuesday April 21, they were posted. What?! He’s insane! But I love it – better that then waiting weeks.

So on the agenda for the rest of the day – making quinoa for the first time, an evening run and finishing a resume that has to be in by 4:30pm tomorrow. Crossing my fingers for it – or any job at this point!

Today’s positive thing: The weather is gorgeous but I buckled down and got a bunch of work done on my thesis. I actually feel pretty accomplished and proud of myself for that. I’m also pretty amped about that A+ in geography – that’s my 4th one so far!

Have a great evening!


2 Responses to Sweet potato fries & shrimp skewers

  1. Kristie says:

    I haven’t been to Boston Pizza in ages but the last time I went I opted for the shrimp skewers too. I just wasn’t impressed though! I think they were too limey or something if I remember correctly. Either way I won’t be ordering them next time I go but I just MIGHT be getting the sweet potato fries because clearly sweet potato is never ever a disappointment.

    Awesome job on the awesome marks! Gotta love when the hard work actually pays off eh?

    I have quinoa in my cupboard just waiting to be made. It’s been in there forever but I keep putting it off, I guess it’s a bit of fear of the unknown haha. Let me know how yours turns out!

  2. Leah says:

    I had no idea that Boston Pizza had a healthy choice menu!! How great is that!!

    Congrats on making great food choices when out with friends.. it’s not always easy!!

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