Weigh-in and last night’s run

First things first: weigh-in.

This didn’t go very well. After not weighing last Monday, I expected to be down on the scale since I ate healthy all week and got tons of exercise.

But: I saw a gain of 2.2 pounds!

What the heck?

For this to be true weight gain (and not water weight, etc), I would have had to eat 500 calories per day over my maintenance calories – or 2500 per day – for the past two weeks! There’s no way I did that so I’m almost positive this is water weight or increased muscle mass or a combination of several factors. At least I hope so.

Even so, I was pretty disappointed to see that number! I’ve been trying so hard and feeling as though I’m doing almost everything right. I swear, this is why the scale and I can’t be friends – hear that, scale?

I’m trying to bounce back from this and think positive! So here are yesterday’s & today’s positive things (since I have a terrible memory and forgot about doing this yesterday!):

Yesterday’s positive note: I went for a run. This in itself is positive since I hadn’t gone for one all week. But it gets even better. I’ve been trying to increase the interval distances I’m running – adding in a half or full block extra each time to work on my endurance. So, I started running one block earlier than I normally would when I was heading home and decided to go to the next major street. Well, I got there and kept running. I figured I’d run until the next street. And then the next. And another. I finally stopped because I was getting close to home and needed to start cooling down. But guess what? I ran a whole kilometre without any walking breaks! The most I’ve ever done before was 500-600m! Hello, progress! One kilometre is amazing for me, considering I haven’t been running long or that consistently (oops). I just felt in the zone. My breathing was fine (which is usually my problem – I get short of breath fast) and I just settled into a rhythm – I felt so amazing! I feel really proud of doing this and I know that distance will only increase with time!

Today’s positive note: I’m bouncing back from that awful gain this morning with renewed determination to give it my best shot this week! I already started out strong with 50 minutes of intervals on the elliptical – I’m setting all sorts of exericse records lately!

On the agenda today: THESIS. I have slacked long enough so I’m buckling down and getting back into school-mode! It’s supposed to rain until Wednesday night, so I won’t have nice weather as a distraction. Hopefully I can get a couple pages written in that time.

So I’m off to get some writing done!


2 Responses to Weigh-in and last night’s run

  1. emcsims says:

    I had the same thing happen to me this morning (we’re both Monday weigh ins:). I went up a pound, but I didn’t eat well. But we’ll both bounce back–yours really could be water weight or muscle mass or just because of where you are in your monthly cycle. It’s just so hard to tell sometimes why the weight changes… it seems so sporadic sometimes!!! But your run sounds awesome… congrats on that success!

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. Kristie says:

    Good job in keeping up the positive attitude! Don’t worry about the weight gain. I totally understand being disappointed but as you already said, it’s pretty much impossible to have put on that weight based on what you’ve been doing (heck, you hit a running milestone right? That surely doesn’t lead to weight gain!) so I’m sure the numbers will be back down in no time at all.

    Good luck with the school work. The weather’s been perfectly gloomy for staying in and getting things done hasn’t it? Haha

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