Fruits and veggies galore!

Today was grocery day at my house – it’s the only day each week that my roommates and I are all off work/school/everything. So, logically, we go shopping!

As the title of this post implies, I came home with almost all fruits and veggies. I got: broccoli, cauliflower (first in about 6 months since the price is now reasonable!), bananas, pears, strawberries, a container of organic spinach (on sale – oh yeah!) and more sweet potatoes to join the lonely one in the bowl at home. Aside from that I bought a loaf of sunflower flax bread (my favourite), black forest ham deli meat and raspberry yogurt. Not a huge grocery day but my wallet is a-ok with that!

I also did yardwork today. I think my mom nearly died of shock when I called home to ask where my dad put the work gloves. I wanted them so my hands wouldn’t get blistered and sore from raking up the leaves and gazillion branches in the yard – I don’t even know how so many branches ended up on the ground this year since our big tree looks completely intact! Unfortunately I couldn’t find the gloves but I did gather up all the branches from the yard so it’s getting there. Ah, the joys of taking care of your own house (well, rental house, but hey, it still requires upkeep).

Now that school’s out (well, aside from my thesis and the fact that I’m starting a summer distance ed class on May 4th – why do I do this to myself?), I may regularly post pictures of my meals. Or pictures of something just to liven up my posts. I haven’t entirely decided. I’m still sort of finding my way in blogland and I feel like I haven’t quite found my niche yet, even though I’ve been doing this for a bit now. I’m still deciding what my primary focus is, especially since I sometimes blog about a variety of things! My overarching goal is weight loss, yes, but I regularly blog about other things too. I enjoy variety, so this blog may just end up being a mish-mash of my daily activities, which may involve weighing in, eating healthy, experimenting in the kitchen, talking about school, what kind of exercise I got, etc.

I’m thinking about a run tonight. The pain in my leg is entirely gone – must have just lightly pulled a muscle – so I’d like to get out for the first time since last Saturday (yikes!) and it’s going to start getting dark in an hour so I’ll have to decide quick!


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