Take that, geography!

I am officially done exams so ha! – in your face, geography! It wasn’t that bad – there were definitely questions I had no idea about but I think I did well overall. Thankfully it didn’t take very long – I was done around 8pm (it started at 6:30pm) – and I was out of there the second I was done. I can’t stand reviewing my exam after finishing. I know tons of people do it, but I always second guess myself on multiple choice questions and then end up changing it to the wrong answer.

So, now all I have to worry about for school is finishing my thesis. I feel like I’ve ignored it for a while – I pretty much have since I didn’t do any homework on Easter weekend and then spent the past week studying. Well, I did write my results summary to send to participants at least, but that doesn’t really get me closer to actually finishing the paper. So I’ll really have to buckle down and get tons of it done this week.

The week after next is busy! I’m helping a guy from my lab test for his Masters thesis on two afternoons, then I have about five hours of training for my summer job another day. On Thursday we’re having house guests that will be staying the weekend! I’m looking forward to that – but not the cleaning that needs to get done. I plan to go crazy with scrubbing things down on Monday or Tuesday this week since our awful housemate moves out TODAY!

You know how people say there’s always that one person you live with that doesn’t clean up after themselves? We definitely have one! But after today – no more. There will be the three of us (me, my boyfriend and a friend of ours) for the summer and we are so excited! Imagine this – when you clean the house, it stays clean! This is a big one for me since I despise cleaning and it’s so much worse when you spend hours cleaning and the next day the mess returns. So, that’s why I’m super excited!

On the exercise front, I took yesterday off. 1) I had an exam to study for, 2) by the time I got home after writing it, I was beat, and 3) I had a slight pain in my leg for a little bit yesterday (I think I pulled something just by taking an awkward step at one point). So obviously I didn’t want to push things. I’ll try the elliptical a bit later today and see how it feels. At the very least, I’ll do strength training, with the exception of leg exercises if it’s still hurting.

So finally, some positive notes:

Yesterday’s: It was so nice out but I resisted the temptation to play in the sun and studied. Thankfully it was still light out when I finished my exam so I was rewarded with a small amount of the nice weather and it’s supposed to be even warmer today!

Today’s: Instead of obsessing over missing a day of exercise and thinking about how many calories I won’t have burned, I’m listening to my body. I’ve struggled with the guilt over missed exercise in the past but my body’s well-being is way more important than those 40 minutes on the elliptical. Exercise is also not a chore so I shouldn’t feel bad about missing it for a good reason. I wouldn’t feel guilty about not finding the time to watch a movie or read a book, so exercise is no different – it’s actually something I enjoy a lot more now!


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