In 24 hours…

… I’ll be almost done with my exam! I CAN’T WAIT!

After my exam I’m planning on heading to Bulk Barn to pick up a few important items – earl grey tea, brown sugar and garlic powder (I love garlic and having the powder is such an easy way to flavour my meals). I’ve also decided to see if they carry quinoa. I’ve heard it’s a great alternative to rice and it’s actually even more nutritious! I’m hoping BB does have it so I can just grab a small amount to try it – that’s what I love about BB!

Today I kicked my butt on the elliptical again – did 30 minutes of intervals and then another 10 minutes at a steady pace. I was going to go for 45 minutes total, but at minute 40 my cellphone rang. My boyfriend was writing an exam this morning and I figured it might be him asking for a ride. But when I answered it no one was there! But I could hear talking – one of our friends actually! I think his phone must have accidentally dialed mine – it’s a Blackberry-type phone so if you don’t “lock” it, buttons can get pressed an who knows what will happen! That’s why I like my flip phone! I don’t have to worry about that stuff.

One thing I’ve wondered is how accurate the calorie counters are on exercise machines. My elliptical trainer is a pretty basic model, so I’ve doubted the accuracy of the counter. It doesn’t seem to increase faster when I increase the speed or resistance (at least it doesn’t seem like it). I think it could be underestimating my calorie burn – for example, today in 40 minutes I burned just over 300 calories. Yet I’m working hard enough to get sweaty and I can feel my muscles working and my heart pumping. When taking my pulse using the machine, I’m around 135-145 for the most part. I mean, 300 calories is decent and I’ll take it if that’s all I’m burning but using online calculators that factor in my weight, I get estimates of over 400, sometimes even nearly 500, calories! That’s a big discrepancy – although they don’t factor in speed. I guess the only way to really know for sure is a heart rate monitor but unfortunately I can’t really afford one right now.

Anyway, on a good note… well, good depending on how you look at it – the Easter candy is gone. My boyfriend powered through my share (I told him he could) while studying his exam (mathematical proofs – *shudder*) today. Oh to be blessed with such a metabolism! I swear after a couple handfuls of candy over the weekend my stomach was not impressed! So I’m glad they’re gone since it means those evil foil-wrapped eggs will no longer be calling my name. I am especially prone to snacking on unhealthy stuff while studying/stressed so it’s doubly good!

Today’s positive thing: I’ve been good about studying. Even though it’s SO nice out, I was a good student and staying indoors to read over my notes. Yay, willpower!

My study break is now over, so time to hit the books – again!


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