Study, study, study

That’s pretty much been the story of my day today. I have my first and only final exam on Friday and it’s worth 40% of my mark so I decided to stop slacking off today and get down to business. I can’t wait until it’s over! This is the only exam I’ve had this term so I feel like I’ve gotten away from study-mode. I’ve been more used to paper writing and reading a billion journal articles. Well, maybe not a billion, but I did read 25 articles this term for my seminar alone so it might as well have been.

Today was a good day for getting back on track with exercise. I did 47 minutes on the elliptical doing intervals.I think that’s the longest workout I’ve had on the elliptical, so yay!

I didn’t get quite as on track with healthy eating. Easter candy has been calling my name and I’m pretty sure I ate a few too many of those foil-wrapped chocolate eggs! I put my foot down before dinner and decided I wasn’t having any more and for the rest of the evening I’ve stuck to that. Once the candy is all gone (preferably eaten by my boyfriend) I’ll feel a lot better. There are just some things I can’t have in the house or I’ll go nuts – such as chocolate!

Besides those evil chocolate eggs I did fine. I’m pretty impressed that it’s getting easier and easier to get back into routine after a weekend at home!

Today’s positive thing: Even though I did eat too many chocolate eggs, I was able to stop eating them and I should feel happy about that. I’m getting better at this whole self-control thing which is great! I don’t have as many temptations at home (because I only buy healthy stuff) but having better self-control will make trips home and out to dinner much easier!


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