Back to normal

I’m home after my crazy weekend at home. And I mean crazy in terms of “I splurged a lot more than I should have”. But I’m back in the city now and I think it’ll be easy to slip back into my normal eating and exercise habits. I almost inevitably fall of the wagon in some way when I have a weekend home, but it’s not bad to the point where it takes weeks to get back into the swing of things. It’s usually dinner or drinks (sometimes both) with friends and maybe some sweets. Nothing that’s going to make me gain a gazillion pounds or anything. I maybe gained one this weekend. Maybe. So I can splurge every now and then and the world won’t end.

So overall going home was fun. It was great to see all my friends and hit up the usual hangouts for dinner, coffee and breakfast.

I’m trying to get back into school mode. My summary of findings for my thesis needs to be posted on Wednesday and I have a final on Friday. I also need to get writing up my actual thesis paper. It’s just difficult after taking a break from school for a short while. Tomorrow I’m going to get right back into things with studying though!

You’ll notice I didn’t weigh in this week. Firstly, I always weigh myself in the morning before eating or drinking anything and that wasn’t possible since I was at home away from the scale this morning (I got home around 3pm). So I would either be a day late weighing in (and then only have a 6 day result for next week) or be getting an inaccurate reading if I did weigh today, especially since I went out for breakfast this morning before leaving home – hello, sodium! It might sound like I’m wimping out or not wanting to face my bad eating over the weekend, and maybe that’s partly true. But I also know I’d be very discouraged by a gain right now and I don’t want to let it get me off track. I know in some cases a gain (or super small loss) makes me kick my own butt for the next week, but this week I just sense that won’t happen with the added stress of school and the fact that I am a bit disappointed about getting off track. I know when a gain will get me going and when it’ll throw me right off. So I’m not going to stress about missing a weigh in. I’ll just focus on next week and take it from there.

I think this might also help me on my goal to eventually ditch the scale or at least not be so obsessed by the number. I know there are so many factors that can contribute to a gain and even if I saw +1.0 or +2.0, it doesn’t mean I literally ate 3500-7000 calories over my maintenance level (2000/day) because that would be ridiculous. It could be sodium – I had 2 meals out, 1 of them just this morning – or the fact that I tend to drink less water at home and am retaining because of it. I KNOW all these things but when I see a gain on the scale, I still feel awful about it, which is why I’m trying to get away from obsessing over the number.

I’ve told myself before that I’m fitter, healthier and more confident than I was when I changed everything and that should mean WAY more than a number on a scale. It should be about how I feel about myself. Slowly but surely I’m thinking this way.

Just to finish off, today’s positive thing: I’ve made amazing progress on my fitness. Example: I used to dread even 15 minutes on the elliptical at a pretty slow speed when I started and I just I finished 41 minutes of intervals about an hour ago! My slowest speed is much faster than the quickest I go could before. It makes me feel accomplished!


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