Happy Easter!

Hopefully the Easter Bunny delivered some tasty treats for everyone!

I meant to write a blog post yesterday and the day before but unfortunately I don’t have a computer at home (my ancient laptop finally gave up about two months ago). So I only have the option of using my mom’s laptop when she’s not using it. Here’s what I did each day since I haven’t blogged:


We left for home around about 10am and drove all the way up to my house  to drop off my things (I live north from the city where my boyfriend lives). After that we headed into town. At my boyfriend’s house we were greeted by  ‘Happy Birthday’ banner. I’m still not too sure why – maybe it’s the Easter Bunny’s birthday? Anyway, his mom and sister were happy to see us, probably since the last time we were home was reading week in mid-February! His brother also showed up later which was nice since he’s been away from home for a while and neither of us have seen him for a while.

One of our friends came over for Easter dinner too. It was a lot of fun, and after dinner we played Cranium which is the most ridiculous game ever. The first time I played it I was clueless about 90% of the time but it actually makes sense the second time! Anyway I teamed up with my boyfriend’s sister and apparently we just own at Cranium because we won. One our one turn I had to use another person as a puppet to act out an event – a surprise party. So I made put his arms up in a V – like when you jump out and go ‘surprise!’ and she got it right away. It was amazing. It definitely made up for playing the first time when my partner and I got all the hardest questions. We honestly got one asking which two people on a list of five were not famous Albanians. Apparently John Belushi is. Oh, and you CAN use coconut milk in place of IV fluid if you needed to. Yeah, that’s what we had to deal with last time.

Today’s positive thing: I’m starting to accept my stomach the way it is. It’s not perfect but that’s starting to be okay with me.


I went for a run this morning and the weather was perfect. After showering, I headed into town and my boyfriend and I headed to Barrie. Well, first we stopped at No Frills where we both used to work. I stopped to talk to one of the cashiers and when she turned to me she looked shocked. Then she asks “have you lost weight?” I said yes and she told me I looked great! It was really nice to hear. After that we were off to Barrie.  It was INSANE. I bet it was because Saturday was the only day over the weekend where everything is guaranteed to be open. I got 4 shirts at Old Navy for $50 (the most expensive one was $15) so that was awesome. The mall was packed though! I went into a bunch of stores looking for something to wear to my aunt’s retirement party in May but since I didn’t really have a clear idea about what I wanted, I ended up with nothing. I still have almost a month to find something though so I’m not too worried.

We went out to a local restaurant, Brewery Bay, for dinner. It’s our classic hangout when we’re home. We invited a couple friends and my boyfriend’s sister came along as well. One of our other friends showed up near the end but we was there for another person’s birthday. It was a fun night!

Today’s positive thing: I’m finding a good balance between going out with friends and being healthy. I try to make healthy choices when I go out rather than turning down time with friends because of fears of eating bad things.


Plans on the agenda include a short workout (probably some weight lifting and maybe using my mom’s Gazelle for a little bit), then heading to town. I’m not sure what’s going to happen there but my boyfriend and I are having dinner at my parents’ house later on. I also informed him that we are going for a walk because the weather has been so nice and today is no exception!

Anyway I’m off to workout then get showered and out of my PJs!


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