10 things & my own challenge

I’ve been feeling a lot better since I got those “fat” thoughts off my chest. It’s funny actually – my post was so similar to one of the girls at Blog To Lose! She later followed up on her post with a list of 10 things she loves about herself (5 physical and 5 general). I thought that was pretty awesome and I made up my own list.

Et voila:


1. My toned arms – I can definitely see the results of months of weight training, which is awesome!
2. My butt – Although it’s still a little flabby, it was the first area I lost weight so I have to love it!
3. My smile – I’ve been told I have a really nice smile and it’s definitely a compliment I agree with. Plus I absolutely love smiling! If I’m feeling sad, smiling at myself in the mirror helps even just a tiny bit!
4. My calves – They’re muscled and I’d rather that than skinny calves that aren’t toned.
5. My hair – As much as I have a love-hate relationship with it every other morning, overall I like it. I almost never get split ends and it’s finally deciding it wants to be wavy, rather than wavy/straight/insane the way it was for a couple years.


1. My new confidence – I feel a lot better about myself (I think deep down I know I’m thinner and it feels great to not be afraid of other looking at me).
2. I’ve accomplished more in the past year than I ever thought I could – losing weight, eating healthier, getting fit, doing my undergrad thesis, making a class presentation without feeling nervous, passing my G driving test (I suck at parallel parking.. lol). There are so many things that I can be proud of!
3. I’m smart and now acknowledge it and embrace it!
4. I’m a baking machine. I was an assistant pastry chef for the past 3 summers and learned how to bake some awesome (and bad for you) treats.
5. I’m a lot more outgoing than I used to be (I think this goes along with my confidence). I used to hate saying anything in classes and sucked at making small talk with people I don’t know well, but because of all the things that have happened this year, I’ve come a long way! Now I’ll have conversations with people in my classes I don’t even know well!

After writing this list, I felt a lot better about myself. I know when I look in the mirror, I can be disappointed that I don’t see as much change, but when I sit down and think about what I love about me, I can come up with stuff – even parts of my body that I might criticize in the mirror.

Since writing this, I’ve decide to challenge myself for the next month (and maybe beyond). I’ve had body image issues for a while, and I want to work on improving the way I feel about my body. So, I’m going to think of one thing each day, either physical or otherwise, that is positive about me. It can be something that just strikes me that day – such as looking in the mirror one morning and thinking my stomach looks flatter – or something that I love about myself overall – such as an overall personality trait. Maybe over the month, focusing on the positive aspects will help me love myself and how I look. I think a healthy self image is a majorly important part of living a healthy life so I really hope I can do this!

Today’s positive thing is that list, but I’ll be back tomorrow with something else positive about myself!


2 Responses to 10 things & my own challenge

  1. Kristie says:

    Aw, this is such a lovely post! I’m terrible for beating myself up, nitpicking and criticizing my body. I’ve always had body issues too. I’ve gone through plenty of ups and downs in how I feel about my body. There have been times when I’m quite comfortable with myself and actually geniunly like my body but right now I’m tired, stressed and constantly eating so my body and I aren’t the best of friends. So I think now more than ever I really need to try this positive thinking out!

    PS – Parallel parking is the worst. Baking is the best 🙂 And kudos to you for chatting with random people in classes. That’s still something that I would love to be able to do but I just am not there yet. I’m so bad at small talk haha.

    • Valerie says:

      Baking IS the best. I can’t wait until exams are over so I can experiment with some more healthy recipes!

      When I’m stressed I don’t tend to be as positive or as diligent with healthy eating, so I definitely relate. My first and only exam is on Friday so I’ll probably be snacking up a storm on Thursday. Thankfully I picked up a bunch of fruit at the grocery store this week!

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