Please come back, spring!

I weighed in this morning and I was down 3.3 pounds! And my BMI is 24.4 – in the healthy range!

I now weigh 137.8 pounds. I haven’t been in the 130’s in ages (grade 11/12 was the last time) and it feels great to be back there. I also can’t believe how close I am to my goal of 135, and now I’ve surpassed my original goal of 140 that I set when I started losing weight. It’s an amazing feeling and it’s really going to help me get through the last 2.8 pounds.

As a reward today I’m going to head to Old Navy and buy that pair of size 8 jeans that I fit into a couple weeks ago, as well as a new belt. My size 10s are getting a little loose and I definitely need to wear a belt with both pairs, so I think it’s about time, and what a better time to do it than after a great weigh-in!

In other random news, I looked out my window this morning and saw snow! They are calling for 15cm! WHAT? This just shouldn’t be allowed. I mean: 1) it’s officially spring (as of March 21 or 22), 2) it’s April and 3) it was 10C yesterday with nothing but sun. Just when you think winter is gone…


2 Responses to Please come back, spring!

  1. Leah says:

    Congrats on the weight loss!! I bet it feels great!
    I love Old Navy. Haven’t been there in a while. Any good sales these days?

    • Valerie says:

      Thanks! It does feel great 🙂
      Old Navy is great! All the spring & summer stuff is out now – can’t wait until it’s warm enough for that! As for sales – I didn’t notice any, but then again, I was only checking out jeans while I was there. I figured I’d be too tempted to buy something else if I looked around too much!

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