Goodbye 4th year!

I am officially done classes for the term – meaning I’ve now finished 4 years of university classes! It’s crazy to think about that!

While I am done classes, my work isn’t finished yet. I have a final exam on April 17th and the final copy of my thesis is due May 22nd. So I still have work ahead of me but at least it’s nowhere near what I had in March!

Being on Facebook has been weird lately – all my 4th year friends have statuses saying things like “Katie is finished her undergrad” and “Sarah just attended her last university class ever”. Even though I’m in 4th year, I’m not one of those people that is graduating and it’s a strange feeling. I didn’t think it would bother me, but it almost feels like I’m being left behind in a way. I don’t know many others that are staying, although it is common to find 5th year students at the school. It will be weird to come back next year and not see some of the familiar faces. It’s been a long road with some of these people and it’s finally coming to an end.

Alright, enough being sad about school ending (haha… wow, I’m lame!)

Today it was pouring rain when I woke up (at 10am… first sleep in day in forever!) so obviously a run would suck. So I hopped on the elliptical instead and did some intervals for 40 minutes. It’s so weird how I used to hate the elliptical and would be bored and wanting to quit after 15 minutes but now that I’ve spiced things up with intervals, I go much longer! The machine gave me a reading of 300 calories burned but I know it was more since I added some resistance to the intervals and for some reason it doesn’t factor that in – it’s not a super high tech one with a million buttons and options.

I’m planning on doing some ab exercises later. Despite losing over 30 pounds, I have this persistent flabby area on my tummy right around my belly button and I’m hoping to get rid of it, or at least smooth it out some more. Honestly, if it wasn’t for that (well, and my thighs but they could be covered with shorts) I would definitely be set to wear a two-piece bathing suit right now! It’s super annoying so I’m gonna crunch the heck out of it and see if I can make some progress over the next month. I just need to stick with it I think – ab exercises are my least favourite so I tend to slack on them, but I need to think about how much progress I could make. I mean, my arms used to be flabby and now they are nicely toned from lifting weights 3-4 times per week. So it’s possible if I just keep with it! No more of doing crunches only once or twice a week. They’re going to be part of my regular routine and that’s that!

Healthy eating is going well. Thankfully I fought off the evil PMS/TOM cravings – although I think most of it had to do with the fact that I was sick on Wednesday (which was day one of  TOM and usually the worst day for everything) and didn’t really want to eat much of anything. So I resisted consuming mass quantities of chocolate (even my low-cal hot chocolate), carbs (bread and I are like BFF during TOM.. it’s crazy) and sugar. So go me!

Adding all of this up, I’m optimistic to weigh in on Monday!

So I’m off to enjoy my first official day of no classes! I will be watching LOST later – sadly I did not watch it on Wednesday night again but it’s recorded and waiting for me. Can’t wait!


2 Responses to Goodbye 4th year!

  1. Kristie says:

    That staying behind thing IS a weird feeling. I went through the same thing after high school because I stayed back for an extra semester. Totally different dynamic walking back into that school during my 5th year, I felt like a complete outsider. It wasn’t bad though, just different.

    Don’t intervals make things SO much better though? There is no way I would EVER be able to stay on the treadmill past 20 minutes (or heck, even past 10 minutes) if I didn’t do intervals. I have zero attention span, I’d go nuts!

    I definitely hear you on the stubborn belly spot too. My stomach is my number one enemy. That stupid little pooch sticks like glue. The only time I was completely satisfied with my stomach was by the end of the summer after I was working on my feet all day and eating really cleanly. I constantly battle with it. Right now it doesn’t like me so much. I blame it on being stuck sitting on my butt studying all the time haha.

    You always mention weigh-ins… now are these just regular weigh-ins you do yourself like once a week or are you doing them as part of some program or something?
    Anyway, good luck with the studying! And the relaxing beforehand 😉

    • Valerie says:

      I did the same thing with high school but several of my friends did too. Who knows, maybe I’ll find some people at uni next year that I didn’t expect to see coming back!

      Yup, I just weigh-in at home on my own scale every week to keep track of how I’m doing. I find it nice to see progress that way because noticing physical changes or fitting into smaller sizes can be slow, so it helps keep me going.

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