April showers

Well, the day started off very appropriate for April with a bunch of rain – and of course this was when I was heading to school. But I was excited to see the sun come out by the time I left and did I ever need it! I’d been stuck in the lab for two hours fighting/working with SPSS to do all the data analysis for my thesis (and unfortunately I’m not done yet). Sadly, not all my results are significant – there were improvements overall but my program didn’t improve significantly more than the comparison group. It’s too bad, but I can’t let it get me down. At least improvements were made across the board and I can leave knowing that the program helped the kids invovled – and that’s better than a p <0.001 significance level to me!

So with the arrival of April, I have exactly one month left to hopefully hit my goal of 135 pounds before I head off to maintenance land. Due to my tiny loss on Monday of 0.2 pounds, I still have 6.1 pounds to go. I’m pretty confident I can do it but I’ll need to stick with my plan so I can lose at least 1 pound per week.

Today hasn’t been great for that unfortunately. As a suspected on Monday, TOM arrived and I’ve had an upset stomach most of today (which I think is unrelated). Needless to say, my appetite hasn’t been amazing (but I made sure I ate something at each meal so my calories won’t be too low) and working out today is not going to happen. But I normally take a day off from exercise each week, so today can be that day and it won’t be the end of the world.

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow and I can pick right up where I left off!

Tomorrow will be a busy day – I have my last class of the term in the morning (and we have a paper due which I’m going to edit in about 10 minutes), followed by a timeslot with 6 participants. I probably won’t be home until about 1:30pm and then I’m planning on lunch and an afternoon run as long as the weather is okay. It seems it changes on a daily basis so even if it says right now that it will rain tomorrow, that may change by tomorrow morning! At some point tomorrow evening I need to continue my arguements with SPSS as well as make a table of means. Argh. Stats and I are not friends so I have a feeling I may procrastinate on this one even though I shouldn’t.

I’m off to edit my paper now – hopefully I can catch all those pesky little errors I seem to miss each time!


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