Monday morning weigh-in

Sad news – I was only down 0.2 pounds on the scale this morning. But considering the week I had, I’ve decided that’s not bad and at least it wasn’t a gain.

Here’s what probably contributed to the small loss:

  • The fact that I lost 3.3 pounds last week, which is a lot when I weigh 141 pounds. My body might have been a little freaked out by that especially since that’s not a typical weight loss for me in one week.
  • I went out for dinner twice – once on Monday with friends and then had a slice of pizza and some sangria on Thursday after the poster conference. If anything I only broke even in relation to the calories I ate vs. how many I burned on those days.
  • I was stressed about the poster conference for half of the week and I can be a stress snacker – I might have consumed a little extra in terms of calories in the days leading up to it because of that.
  • TOM is right around the corner, so it could be a little bit because of that.

So essentially, I know the small loss isn’t because I majorly messed up. Yes, I ate “bad for me” stuff on Monday and Thursday, but I did exercise to make up for it and going out for dinner is not typical. Monday was not planned – I found out around 2pm that my friends were coming over to town to stop by and we ended up going for dinner. So with that and the poster conference celebration, it just worked out to be twice in one week for basically the first time ever. I can’t be too disappointed with myself over the small number considering I tried hard with everything else, especially given how busy and stressful my week was. Overall, I think I handled it well. I didn’t go nuts with stress eating and I stuck to smart choices at dinner on Monday and stuck to one glass of sangria and one slice of pizza on Thursday.

I’ll just work hard this week and I don’t have any dinners out planned so I think I can see a decent loss next week!


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