A Challenge!

I have to admit, when I saw the Oh She Glows Bikini Body Boot Camp I thought “no way I’m going to do that, I’m never going to wear a bikini!” but I have since changed my tune!

I may never feel confident enough to wear a bikini in public, but that doesn’t mean I can’t challenge myself. I’m on the final leg of my weight loss journey and I think a two-month challenge will be a perfect way to stay motivated and hopefully see some results. Plus, there are prizes at the end, so if I’ve seen good changes, I’ll submit my pictures and measurements.

I’m not going to post my starting measurements here – mainly because I feel like my thigh measurement is huge! I don’t have slim legs, never have, but wow! I was a little shocked at the number. I’m alright with my other measurements (waist, hips) – they’re basically what I expected considering my clothing size.

So I’ll just post my day 1 workout routine.

  • 30 minutes on the elliptical – intervals of 60 seconds faster speed & higher resistance followed by 90 seconds of slower speed & lighter resistance [note: I may do another 30 minutes later.. the workout bug has struck me today!]
  • 5 minutes of ab exercises
  • 15 minutes of strength training – arms and legs

There is a daily challenge workout posted at OSG of doing 2 of the linked ab exercises and 3 sets of pushups – well, I did the ab exercises but I despise pushups – my arms and chest hurt like crazy after doing them so it’s no fun.

So day 1 is done. Hopefully I can keep it up and see some results!


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