Poster Party

Whew, am I ever relieved to have the poster conference out of the way!  It definitely wasn’t as nerve-wracking as I thought it would be. Once I started presenting my poster to each of my evaluators, my jitters just went right away! By 3:00pm I’d had both my evaluators come by so I was free to wander and see the other posters. I’d already had an idea of what everyone was doing (we had proposal presentations for about 2 months) but it was cool to see all the different styles of posters! And everyone looked so nice! It’s a dressy event, so everyone put away the jeans and track pants for day.

After the conference, most of us headed over to the Grad Pub on campus for free pizza and drinks – or so we thought. Apparently when you book the Grad Pub they don’t automatically send over a bartender! Weird, eh? So we all migrated over to a private room at the on-campus restaurant. I enjoyed some sangria with some of my friends until I decided I’d better head home or I’d fall asleep! It’s been a long day! I could honestly go to bed right now and it’s 8:0opm!

So overall, it was a fun day, even though it was stressful and now all I want to do is sleep!


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