Warm weather please?

Brr, it was chilly on my run this evening! Thankfully I wasn’t running into the wind for more than a couple minutes or I think I might have become an icicle. Ok, so maybe that’s a bit of exaggerating but it’s cold for officially being spring! We still have mini snowbanks on our lawn. Something isn’t right here.

Anyway, my run was good. I added in about a half to a full block extra on each running interval to work on my endurance. I think it’s getting better! And my body is adapting well – I’ve had no pain (I was worried about my knees because I’ve heard it’s a more common pain to get from the impact) and my muscles have not been the least bit sore since the day after my very first run! Yay!

Other good news: my parents are willing to give me the treadmill we got from my grandpa! So even when it’s raining or ridiculous hot in the summer I can still run. And if I put it in the basement, it’ll be like working out in a nice air conditioned gym – ok, well, not quite, but at close as I’ll get. Our house does not have A/C but the basement is the place to be when it gets above 30C! So basically, I’m going to have a little fitness centre down there. Maybe I’ll even move the elliptical trainer out of my bedroom so all the exercise stuff is in one place. It might be nice to free up some space in my room – it’s 10′ x13′ which is big enough, but not when I’ve got an elliptical trainer (even though it’s not a massive one) along with all my other furniture (bed, desk, dresser, bookcase, the usual).

School is finally deciding that I’ve endured enough stress and is giving me a break! Well, sort of. My crazy crunch time is over except for the thesis poster conference on Thursday. Oh, I got a copy of the program today – it was so cool to see my name in print, even though it’s just a school event and not a big time academic conference. Anyway, once the conference I’m going to be relieved times a million! I think it will be fun, even though it’s a stressful thing for most people – and afterwards we get to go to the grad pub for free pizza and some mingling with fellow students and profs.

I was excited to pick up my poster today and thankfully the colours turned out alright. Apparently the printer has this habit of turning things more purple, which it did to mine but I almost prefer it to my original colour scheme of navy and powder blue, so it’s cool. It’s currently safe hiding away in the lab. I’m glad I had somewhere to store it because it’s pretty awkward to carry around – it’s 40″ x 56″ so even rolled up it’s huge! People were definitely giving me funny looks as I walked from the printers to the lab!

Anyway, I’m about to wind down the evening with either a peach or a little bowl of sweet potato soup. I think I’m feeling something warm but peaches are awesome so I’m not entirely sure yet! After that it’s into bed – I’ve been tuckered out by 11-11:30 each night. Yay for a regular sleep schedule – it only took me all term!


2 Responses to Warm weather please?

  1. Kristie says:

    Oh trust me, I only avoid homework with exercise once in a while. MOST of my homework is avoiding with internet surfing.. such as right now? Eek.

    Love the idea of a mini basement gym. My basement is my gym, equipped with treadmill and… that’s about it. But it does the trick. I haven’t enjoyed having it down there this winter since it’s always freeezing when I first start running but I always warm up pretty quickly and I’m sure it’ll be lovely once the heat of the summer hits. If it EVER does at this rate… brr.

    Yay for school relief. I took a bit of a break off doing any work the past couple days but now I’m back into it again. Woohoo… Good luck with the conference Thursday!

    • Valerie says:

      I think internet surfing is the classic way to procrastinate!

      Oh it’s freezing in our basement in the winter too! But I think it will be a nice setup and we’ve got a TV down there for some entertainment while working out – which is basically a requirement for me.

      Thanks for the luck… I might need it. We’ll see!

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