Woo, so glad it’s Friday! My weekend is looking busy but I got my poster and handout for the poster conference done this afternoon, so I’m crossing my fingers that my thesis supervisor won’t want me to make any major changes. Even if she does, I’m still fine for time so I can make it!

Today was a fun day – I volunteered at the psychology booth for the Laurier Day open house! So I got to talk to prospective students for a couple hours. I enjoyed doing it so much and it makes me sad that I’ll only have one more term as a student to do it!

After coming home and having lunch, my boyfriend and I headed to the mall. I wanted to get a new shirt to wear for the poster conference, since it is a dressier event and I don’t have much in the way of dress clothes – aside from pants. So I found shirts on sale at Jacob – one’s a white button down and the other is a dark purple sweater to wear over top. They don’t have full length sleeves (they end above the elbow) so it’ll be perfect as long as it’s not ridiculously warm on Thursday. So for both shirts it was $40! Score! Especially since I’ll be able to wear the stuff in the future for job interviews.

We headed to Old Navy afterward and I was a brave girl – I tried on a pair of size 8 jeans even though I was really skeptical about fitting into them. But THEY FIT! I was so excited and did a little happy dance in the change room! I didn’t buy them – I’m going to see if my parents will spring for them as a “congratulations for getting to your goal size and good job on not letting school own you” gift for when the term ends. My size 10’s are still a perfect fit with a belt – even though I need a new one.

Speaking of that – they had a nice belt in Jacob I liked on sale for $15. The problem? I’m not sure how it worked! Haha! It didn’t have the usual type of buckle and I couldn’t see how it held together! I also didn’t want to ask the salesgirl – can you imagine asking “Could you tell me how this belt works?”. I thought I’d sound ridiculous so I passed on it – and then forget to check for belts at Old Navy. Sigh. I’ll get a new one soon enough!

After grabbing some Timothy’s (apple cider for me and some crazy chocolate coffee drink thing for the boyfriend) we headed home and I got right down to business on school work.

So overall it was a fun and productive day! I’m planning on a walk or run later to cap off my great day and then watching Lost! Sadly I had to record it because I was going crazy preparing for a presentation in my seminar the next day so I’ve been itching to watch it since Wednesday night! I can’t wait!


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