Busy bee

Wow, so school has been my life recently. Thankfully I’ve managed to cross another thing off my list of due dates (and on Thursday, one more will be gone too!) so I’m getting there slowly but surely. But I still have lots to do and I’m going to start fighting with entering data into SPSS for my thesis over the next couple of days.

I weighed in yesterday and I was not a happy camper. 144.6. Up 0.4 pounds since last Monday! Other than Science Formal on Saturday and missing two days of exercise (I usually only take one day off per week) I had an awesome week. So I’m not entirely sure what caused the gain!

I was definitely upset when I saw the number, but now I’ve got a new outlook – this gain is gonna make me kick my own butt this week so I can not only get back down to 144.2 next weigh-in, but be in the 143’s! I already started off strong yesterday with a 50 minute walk – my boyfriend and I basically did a round-trip walk up to the university from our house! I also got in 15 minutes of strength training. Today the weather is absolutely beautiful so I’m planning on a run/walk after dinner, around 7pm. I’m aiming for 40 minutes total, with at least 10 minutes of running in there. Tomorrow I don’t have anywhere to be until 3pm so I’m going to get in a run or walk before the rain comes and then do some strength training in the evening (it’ll be good stress relief for the presentation I have coming up on Thursday morning).

So, that’s the game plan. I do feel like I’ve got a lot to juggle this week with working out, school, and eating healthy but if I can make it through this week and post a loss on March 23, I can handle any other week of the year!

I’m off to do day 4 of testing for my thesis. I’m hoping to be more than halfway done testing after this session so that maybe I won’t have to go on Friday! Considering I’m already volunteering in the morning at the psych booth for Laurier Day, one less commitment would be nice!


2 Responses to Busy bee

  1. Kristie says:

    Aw don’t worry about 0.4 lbs. My weight can fluctuate up to two pounds on a day-by-day basis. Heck sometimes the scale even goes up that much within in the same day. Usually it’s just water weight. Maybe you ate some foods higher in sodium than usual or something. Regardless, don’t stress over less than half a pound. It’ll disappear in no time. And plus, 0.4 lbs will NOT be noticeable on your body and feeling good about your body is more important than numbers anyway right? It sounds like you’ve got plenty of good movement planned in there anyway so I’m sure you’ll be just fine 🙂

    • Valerie says:

      Yeah, all that is definitely true. I think I’ll be fine & it’s definitely good motivation to stick to eating healthy & exercising for the week.

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