Science Formal!

Well, science formal was last night and I had an awesome time! The event was at a really classy hotel (two of my cousins have had wedding receptions there) and included a dinner. Even though the turnout wasn’t the best (it was most kids from comp sci and chem, with a few bio majors… I may have been the only psych major there) it was still fun!

Here’s some pictures:

Here’s the chicken dinner. I wasn’t sure what all the veggies on my plate were but I discovered that I don’t mind zucchini.


The dessert – some sort of lemon/vanilla-y sorbet with some fruit in a waffle bowl. It was okay – but at least it wasn’t super unhealthy.


Me & my boyfriend.

It was definitely a fun night to break up the routine of school, school, school! Considering the busy two weeks I have coming up, I needed it. Next weekend I have a friend’s music grad recital to attend so that will be something else fun to do!

Today’s plan: groceries, school for a couple hours to score assessments in the lab, finishing my poster conference handout and going for a walk in the evening. Busy Sunday!


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