Simmer down, wind!

Wow, it’s windy outside today! When I woke up I saw that it was nice and sunny, and thought I’d go for a run. Then I heard what sounded like the wind trying to blow houses/trees/whatever around outside and decided not to. According to the weather, it’s blowing at 50 km/hr and gusting to almost 70 km/hr. WOW! I’ll go for a run tomorrow or Friday when the weather finally calms down!

Instead I used the Wii Fit and did the 30-minute free-run and the 10-minute free-step as a cool down. Not bad – I worked up a sweat on the run and the free-step was the perfect way to cool down but keep moving a little longer.

After I get home tonight I’m planning on doing some strength training. I had planned on doing this while watching Lost, but it’s not on tonight!! Argh! After last week’s episode that’s just mean of ABC! I’m so hooked on this show yet every time I watch it I am so confused! I can’t wait until they finally reveal everything.

I’ve been enjoying the banana bread I made the other day. I gave a slice to my boyfriend and he was surprised when I told him it was low calorie and low fat. It tastes no different than regular banana bread – you wouldn’t know it has applesauce instead of margarine, 1 less egg yolk, and half whole wheat flour. I’m going to look around for some other recipes I can make healthier and maybe give that a whirl on the weekend! Saturday is a little busy – homework plus Science Formal in the evening (yay)! But Sunday might work.

I’m so excited for Science Formal! I can’t wait to buy the dress I bought – I normally wear jeans and T-shirts or sweaters so dressing up sometimes is a nice change! I’m still debating about a hairstyle. My hair is naturally wavy but it frizzes so easily that I normally straighten it (or wear it up in a ponytail) and most people think my hair is naturally straight. So I thought about wearing it wavy for a change, but it doesn’t always behave itself so I’m not entirely sure. I might experiment on Friday with a couple methods I found online for curls. At least if all else fails on Saturday, I’ve got my handy hair straightener so I can just straighten it and wear it down!

I’m off to week 11 (of 11) of my reading program. I can’t believe it’s ending this week – I get this feeling I’m going to be ridiculously sappy and be all teary about it later. That’s pretty much my style – I’m such a sap!


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