Crazy Time Changes…

The time change this morning threw me for a loop! I woke up at 8:40 and made some oatmeal for breakfast. After checking my email and a few other things online, I happen to glance down at the clock in the corner. 10 AM? I’m thinking, honestly, there is no way I’ve already been up for over an hour – something’s wrong with my computer’s clock. Then it hit me – time change. I’m usually good at remembering it in the fall – probably because I look forward to that extra hour of sleep time! But I always forget in the spring.

Anyway, yesterday was fairly uneventful. I finally decided to be a good student and got going on the paper for my seminar and the handout I need to write up for the poster conference. I knew cramming everything into 5 single-spaced pages would be tough but I didn’t think it would be that difficult. But no, I was editing things out right and left! It’s a tough process! I’m glad I started now instead of telling myself that it wouldn’t take more than a day or two to simply edit some things out. No, I pretty much have to re-write entire sections!

Today is grocery day. Last week, I bought some bananas, ate one and then just wasn’t in the mood for the rest of them. They’re now a little too soft for my liking. So, I decided to pick up some whole wheat flour and make some banana bread! I found a low fat recipe online and edited a few things further – substituted applesauce for margarine, half the flour will be whole wheat instead of white, using half brown sugar and half white sugar instead of all white. I think by tomorrow those bananas should be nice and ready for mashing up, so when I get home from school (I have 3 participants to run tomorrow), I’m going to have a baking adventure. I’ve decided I might try weekly kitchen experiments with healthy baking and cooking – this is, of course, if school doesn’t decide to be ridiculous and think it can take over my life. But I’d like to try this out!

I’m going to head out for a walk now. Hopefully the weather holds – this is definitely not the nicest looking week weather-wise. Rain, rain, overcast, rain. Yuck! But at least it’s getting warmer!


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