No Nike+

Well, I was going to get the Nike+ sport band but it seems now that won’t happen until June! I went to SportChek last night and they were sold out, so I figured I’d try Runner’s Choice today (it’s a local place conveniently right across from my university). But when I got there the guy working said the sport band was recalled because the screens kept messing up! And the new, fixed ones won’t be released until June!

I guess Nike+ is on hold for now. I can’t afford an iPod Nano, and unfortunately that’s my only option for using Nike+ right now. So unless my tax return is way more than I’m expecting, I’ll have to wait until June.

That’s alright, I think. I’m disappointed for sure but it’s not going to get in the way of running! I can still run regardless and try to track my mileage by running/walking the same route, which I calculated to be 3.5 km using Google Maps. Calories burned is a little trickier since I don’t know my running speed, but I can always get a rough estimate using an online calculator – I’ll just select the slowest running speed they offer! Haha!

I decided something today – I’m going to run the CIBC Run For The Cure. My friend did it last October and, honestly, if he can do it, I definitely can. He’d never been into running before he signed up and it’s a 5K! But he lived to tell the tale, so I think I’ll join him if he wants to run it again. So I can slowly train for a 5K and raise money for an excellent cause – Run For The Cure raises money for breast cancer research which is super important to me!

I have one last thing before I need to get my butt in gear and write an essay, and it’s a strange thing. I’m actually excited to weigh myself on Monday. Weird, eh? I don’t want to get my hopes way up or anything but I sense another loss, even if it’s much smaller than last week. I’ve been good to my body this week – I’ve fed it lots of healthy food and I’ve exercised it, including trying out running. So hopefully it realizes I’m showing it some love and rewards my efforts!

And with that I’m off to write an essay on behavioural confirmation for my seminar in social psychology!


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