When I woke up this morning, this is what it looked like outside:


How could I not get outside for some exercise on such a beautiful day? So after eating breakfast and giving it some time to settle, I got ready to head out, deciding that today I was going to run! I needed some music so I grabbed my trusty mp3 player that is ancient but still works great. Unfortunately I can’t seem to remember how to set a playlist with it. How sad is that? I’ve owned it for 4-5 years now! I’m so bad with some technology!


I took my sunglasses too since that sun was bright! Anyway, the run was great! I got about 10 minutes of running in overall, spread up into smaller chunks of a couple minutes each. That’s much better than what I expected at first! Since it was my first time running, I had these images of being out of breath after a couple seconds. But I guess the elliptical and all that walking had me in better shape than I thought!

Tonight I have my reading program. I have decided that those kids are definitely getting spoiled! They’re each getting a box of pencil crayons (meaning I stuffed my bag full of 10 boxes of them in addition to the usual school stuff). My boyfriend saw my open backpack last night and this is what he saw:


Initially he was very confused until he realized what they were for! As much as I love colouring, there’s no way I need 10 boxes of pencil crayons for myself. So, as I was saying, those kids are spoiled with prizes! I love it. Going to the dollar store and picking out stuff is so fun! Here’s the selection of prizes for this week:


I think my boyfriend is secretly jealous! I’ve caught him eyeing the bouncy balls and wind up cars I bought! Haha! I think I’ll have lots of leftovers – which I think I’m going to donate to the after school program if they want it. It’s mostly pencils and erasers but I’m sure they could use it! I definitely don’t have a need for a gazillion pencils. However, those Disney stamp markers are pretty sweet, I must say!

So after the program, I’m heading to Bulk Barn to pick up spices for sweet potato soup. I’m excited to make it! It may have to wait until tomorrow night, or Friday, but that’s alright. I’m sure it will be amazing! After that I’m off to SportChek to pick up my Nike+! I was initially going to wait to hear back about my tax return, but my dad kindly lent me some cash to buy it now! Thanks Daddy!


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