More weekend needed

I had my first class of the week today – seminar in social psych. Normally I love the class (and the prof – he’s so hilarious and honestly said Lady Caca, not Gaga, the one day thinking that was her name… oh dear!) and we were discussing stereotypes and prejudices, which normally I find really interesting. But today I was itching to get out of there! I think part of it might be that I spent my weekend doing school work. When I do this, I find that once the school week starts, I’m not ready for it because I didn’t really get a break. Thankfully I don’t have many on campus classes, but it sucks that I’m feeling this now as my school week is starting. Tomorrow I have my reading program after school, and Thursday I have both my seminar and a computer lab for thesis class – we’re learning how to make posters in Power Point, which I have no clue about so I’ll need to go. Hopefully I can make it through without feeling as though I’m going to go crazy!

Eating-wise I’m staying right on track. Seeing my loss this week was amazing motivation to stick with eating three healthy meals and two snacks per day. It’s crazy how just the change of adding a bit more food each day helped me lose more weight than usual, even though I didn’t step up my exercise routine. I guess I just wasn’t eating enough before – it’s a difficult thing because it seems so counter intuitive to eat more when your goal is cutting calories.

Today I had:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal
  • Lunch: ham sandwich on sunflower flax bread
  • Dinner: whole wheat pasta with broccoli
  • Snack (so far): baby carrots

I’ll probably have some sliced berries or a peach as a snack later on to finish off the day. Right now I’m enjoying my second mug of green tea today (the first I had was from Timmy’s and I didn’t win – again!)

I’m planning on a walk later, as long as it’s not freezing cold out. I meant to go earlier after I finished some prep for my reading program but then I got into a paper-writing mood which happens rarely so I always take advantage of it! I think my geography paper is ready to hand in after one last edit. I can’t believe I actually finished it a week and a half early – it’s actually due March 13!

Anyway, time to convince the boyfriend that he’s not going to freeze if we go for a walk! This could be challenging!


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