I weighed myself this morning, which I was actually dreading for two reasons: 1) TOM started yesterday (which can mean a temporary gain) and 2) I’ve been trying to eat more each day since I don’t think I was eating quite enough for my activity level before. I don’t strictly count calories, and I don’t want to, but from roughly estimating each meal, I think I was falling short of my BMR, which I’ve heard isn’t good (mine is just under 1500 calories so I’ve been aiming to eat just over that each day). I was worried my plan of eating about 150-250 more calories per day would backfire and I’d end up gaining or barely losing anything. They were healthy calories – usually a snack of veggies or fruit – but you never know with weight loss!


The scale gave me good news! I lost 1.5 pounds this week! I’m now down to 145.3 pounds, which is 5.3 pounds away from my healthy BMI. Seeing those numbers definitely put a smile on my face this morning! I’m glad my plan worked and I think it’ll be good motivation to stick with healthy eating as well as making sure I have an afternoon and evening snack every day. I think my problem before was that I didn’t consistently, so I was missing out on some needed calories, a couple servings of fruits and veggies, and all the good vitamins and nutrients in them.

I have a big to do list today:

  • email out a resume
  • finish my geography paper (it’s almost done, I swear!)
  • finalize the lesson plans for the reading program
  • finish reading articles for seminar tomorrow (got one and a half read this morning)
  • throw a letter in the mail and get some filing folders and pens
  • go for a walk (or a run..)

I can probably get all that done, considering a couple things are 5-15 minute tasks. But it still seems like a lot! I’m still finishing up lunch but I’m planning on getting started around 1pm.


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