I think I’m going to start running sometime this week. The weather is supposed to be nice and sunny until Wednesday and nearly all the snow is gone. To help stay motivated and track my running progress, I’m looking at getting Nike+. I know a lot of runners that have it recommend it, so I think I’m going to hop on the wagon, if I can.

Unfortunately I don’t have an iPod nano (both my roommates have iPods, but they are older so they’re not compatible). This means I will have to buy the Sportband, which according to Running Room’s website, is not available in Canada. I hope it actually is somewhere – otherwise it’ll be pretty difficult for us Canadians without iPods to use Nike+! One good thing – my shoes are Nike+! They have the slot in the bottom of the shoe for the chip, which I just discovered this afternoon. This means I don’t have to spend $10 on an external clip at least. But I will have to drop the money for the chip and Sportband which could run me about $100 from the looks of it. Yikes! I’ll have to wait for my tax return and a gas mileage reimbursement from a grant I got to run my thesis research (so far I’ve been paying out of my own pocket for gas so it’s made me short on cash). I know Running Room and SportChek both sell the Nike+ kit which comes with the iPod connector, but I’m hoping you can buy it without so it might be less than $40. You can buy just the chip on Nike’s site for $19 plus shipping, but for some reason I can’t purchase from Canada. I have to purchase from the US site. Ugh… I hope everything works out because I’m really looking forward to being able to use this!

I’ve spent some time this afternoon working on my geography paper. I’m on page 3. We have a weird page requirement – 7-10 pages which includes maps and diagrams (at least one is required). So technically I could write a 5 page paper and have 2 pages of maps and meet the minimum requirement. It’s very strange. I’ll keep on working at it this afternoon.

My roommate wants to go to a bar tonight for some drinks but I’m not sure about it. 1) I don’t have much money and 2) I’ve been so good with eating healthy this week that I don’t want to spoil it by having even one beer (if I’d known sooner I could have worked it in, but I’ve already eaten two meals today and had a half-coffee/half-hot chocolate from Timmy’s so it’s not looking like it). It’s too bad since I’d like to have a fun night out. I’ll see what I feel like – I feel kind of bad since my life is so consumed by school work that we hardly get to hang out (he’s working full time now while taking a break from school so he has tons of time but I don’t). Maybe I’ll see if he wouldn’t mind taking a raincheck, or staying in. He can have a beer and I’ll stick to something lighter 🙂


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