I love being productive

I got a lot done today and I was pretty happy with myself. Some days, I’ll plan out a list of things to do and get one thing finished. But today, I set out a list:

  • prepare reading program materials
  • do some research for my geography paper
  • go for a walk & do strength training
  • set up more time slots for the study I’m running at school
  • send out a resume for a job

I actually got all of that done! I was impressed with myself! Keep in mind that I also had class from 10am-11:20am and didn’t start any of my to-do list until after I’d gotten home and had lunch – so after 1-1:30pm was when I started tackling the list.

I also completed another day of healthy eating! The only kind of bad thing I had today was just now – a piece of whole wheat bread with jam. I get a weird craving for toast and jam every month or so and I figured it really isn’t that unhealthy so I’d treat myself. The jam is President’s Choice Blue Menu, so it’s lower in sugar and calories. I absolutely love the Blue Menu line. Almost everything I’ve tried from it is delicious! One of my favourite finds were the Italian Chicken Meatballs which I enjoy as a break from my usual chicken or fish. Their low-cal hot chocolate is also tasty – very rich and cocoa-y!

Anyway, onto today’s menu!

Breakfast was oatmeal. Yes, I eat a bowl everyday and no, I haven’t tired of it yet. I love having a warm breakfast, especially in the winter, and oatmeal keeps me full until lunch time, unlike the cereals I love.

Lunch was a grilled cheese with a slice of Tuscan-style roasted ham (it was on sale so I tried it on a whim and love it.. it might be a regular purchase now). I threw on a good handful of spinach as an experiment and the result was good!


Dinner was a chicken Caesar salad which I forgot to take a picture of! I was really hungry when I got back from walking (I was out for about an hour).

Later on, I had some sliced banana and berries.


Yum! I can’t believe I used to eat hardly any fruit. Now I eat fruits (and veggies) a lot! Which reminds me, I had some baby carrots as a snack in the afternoon before my walk. I usually have them with a bit of salad dressing as dip but today I enjoyed them plain!

The only obstacle to my healthy plan might be this: Tim Horton’s has the Roll Up The Rim contest on right now! Basically, you have a chance to win a prize on each coffee cup and I always get addicted to getting drinks there when the contest is on (even though I hardly ever win). But I’m going to try sticking to tea with the occasional half-coffee/half hot-chocolate (a.k.a a cafe mocha without the whipped cream). So I’ll cross my fingers that I can stick to this. I’m really hoping to have a decent loss as a result of my eating healthy this week, especially since it will motivate me to get through these last 6.8 pounds!


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