Busy day

Today was busy with school work! That’s what happens when I spend my whole reading week not even thinking about homework. It was nice to have the relaxation time but now I feel as though I’m behind. It’s also a weird feeling when you suddenly have a one week break from your routine. I’m used to doing the same school work each week – read 2 articles for my seminar and prepare discussion questions, complete a lesson for my online course and do a quiz, prepare materials for the reading program I’m running for my undergrad thesis. I tend to do things on specific days as well, so not having done this for a week feels strange!

Today’s meal plan was pretty typical. Breakfast was oatmeal with brown sugar and a big glass of water.

I am absolutely loving sandwiches for lunch, probably because my boyfriend and I picked up a used George Foreman grill really cheap. It hardly looks like the previous owners took it out of the box though! But anyway, grilled sandwiches are delicious.


That’s my sandwich with oven roasted chicken breast, spinach, low-fat mayo and a bit of cheese, all toasted up. It was great. And, as usual, I had a serving of berries on the side.

I can’t wait until summer when berries are cheap all the time! For now I’m buying them on sale and stocking up. I’ve made it through one container of the strawberries I bought already but I still have another one to last until next grocery day.

Dinner was something a little different. I had a chicken breast, brown rice and a mix of steamed baby carrots and broccoli all tossed together in a sauce I made from a bit of cream of chicken soup seasoned with garlic and dried herbs. It tastes really hearty, but the sauce is low fat and low calorie! I make this type of meal when I’m craving something warm and filling and it really does the trick.

I didn’t do as well with exercise today but I still got some in. I had some errands to run but the amount of walking was only about 20 minutes. However, I took the route home that has a nice big hill to give my legs a workout!

Here’s to hoping I sleep well tonight and have the energy for a good workout tomorrow! If the weather is nice, I’d love to go for a long walk!


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