Wintry day!

It snowed last night – not a lot, but just enough to make it feel as though spring is never going to get here! Just a week ago there was no snow in the city and I was thinking I could start running in as little as a week or two.

I’ve been wanting to take up running for a while now, but not in the middle of winter when I’ve got freezing temperatures and snowy sidewalks to deal with. Some people do such a terrible job clearing the snow that it all turns icy and it’s difficult to walk on it, let alone run! Anyway, once the snow melts, I’m going to run.

Let me make one thing clear. I HATED running in gym class. It was always a punishment! I had one gym teacher that would make you run laps of the soccer field if you goofed off. Yeah, that’s a good way to make kids like running! But anyway, running and I have never been good friends, but I hope to change that! I’m actually pretty excited about it and I’ve been looking for programs online that help you ease into running – you start out doing intervals of running and walking and gradually build up to run the entire time. That’s exactly what I need! I’m in pretty good shape, but not good enough shape to go for even a 10 minute straight run right now!

I don’t have any goals like running a marathon or being able to do a mile in X minutes. I just want to run for plain, old fashioned exercise. Plus, I love exercising outside. I get bored on the elliptical trainer after 20-30 minutes but I can go on hour-long walks! There’s so much to see and fresh air is a definite plus.

Today’s menu is going to look something like this:
~Breakfast: Oatmeal with brown sugar
~Lunch: Ham (or chicken) sandwich on sunflower flax bread with low-fat mayo, cheese and spinach with baby carrots on the side
~Dinner: Chicken breast, asparagus and baby blend veggies (pea pods, peas, baby corn and carrots)
~Snacks: Yogurt and fresh berries (strawberries & blueberries.. mm)

Tomorrow my reading week ends… unfortunately! So I’m debating my options: a) enjoy my last day of freedom from school until April 17 (date of my last final exam) or b) get started on stuff I know I need to do this week. Maybe I can find a balance.

We will see!


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